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Mortal Kombat 11

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Definitely on my list to pick up when the price is right. I've been in the mood for a fun fighting game for some time.


Believe it or not I think X is still the only "3D" Mortal Kombat game I have played, and that was briefly on XB1X via Game Pass. I haven't actually bought a game in the series since the trilogy collection on PS1! (I'd really like them to spruce up the original three and make them available again actually).

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New DLC pack looks strange....    

Mortal Kombat 11 will have free PS5/XSX upgrades    and Rambo:  

Holy shit  Kabal was my favorite in MK3

I removed the base install and reinstalled, that seemed to have cleared the queue issue.


Also my pre-order of the Kombat Pack is not reflected in the store ATM, i.e. it doesn't say I own Kombat Pack 2, but in the MK11 game management, Rambo and Rain have appeared as install-able items. There's a Story 4K item as well.

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All good now. Mileena also appeared in the downloads in MK11 game management. Looks like they were pushing a bunch of updates live today because the game management entries were a bit funky - with entries appearing all of the sudden, even for existing DLC characters (each 10MB, so it couldn't really be assets I think) or getting upgrade notifications for random characters and packs of things while I ran the game. Maybe re-issues of licenses, etc? Who knows... it just wasn't a very smooth experience. I think that UI experience needs refining by MS - for example, why would it let me choose both "Story and Story 4K" - should probably be a mutually exclusive option - otherwise you are left wondering if you need to install both - so smart delivery is not very smart yet I think.


As for the Series X enhancements in MK11, I tried one fight with Rambo over lunch -  I do see an increase in resolution and the load times are pretty fast now (I have it installed in the internal drive).


I fought Rambo against Robocop to complete the 90's nostalgia trip. They ended up as friends.


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I finished the Aftermath story DLC  - utterly ridiculous story but darn nice production values. Looked great with the "Story 4K" item downloaded.











I also did a Klassic Tower with Rambo:



I love how Rambo becomes basically a god, and he still just wants to be left alone and live in a shack.


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