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Angry the Clown

Super Mario Maker 2 [Switch] - June 2019

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I saw that the other day. Good stuff. I like seeing how the level evolves based on feedback from the other allies.


I may have to break down and finally get this game soon. My oldest boy was begging me to buy it over the weekend because he wanted to try and make his own levels. Meanwhile I watch a video like this...



...and think, "God, that looks like fun!" so it because harder and harder to resist. If I do, I'll get the digital edition that includes the 1-year of Switch Online so that I can access the online features.

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I broke down and finally bought Super Mario Maker 2 Thursday night. I've played a bit of Story Mode, some user courses, and made a few levels with my oldest son, who lit up when he saw I had purchased it.


If this past weekend is any indication, I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of this title. My son, who loves games where he can just putz around and not worry about beating them — is all in on the Course Maker part of this game. Even better, he loves building levels with his old man. We've made three together already and are in the process of building a fourth. They’re not super hard or elaborate or anything, but they are challenging enough for him, which good enough for now. Allowing to players to build courses at the same time is not something I would have ever asked for, but now that I’ve done it with my kid, I’m so glad it’s there.


If I have a complaint, it’s that you must use the Joycons if you want to build with two players — you can’t use two Pro Controllers. I have no idea why. Aside from being small and not feeling good in my hands, my left Joycon has lots of connection issues with the Switch. The signal gets lost easily and my inputs are sometimes  not responsive. I really wish Nintendo would change this with a patch at some point.


Besides that, this game is just about as much fun as I expected it to be. I can’t wait to play more!

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