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May actually buy Silent Scope now

Romier S

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Originally posted by WetWork@Jan 20 2004, 12:49 PM

I'm fire walled. Please summarize as I don't want to wait till I get home.

Sure thing!


Here are some of the highlights from the review


When you place your head down to view the action through the scope, the targeting reticule on the television will switch over to its zoomed-in view. Moving your head away from the scope reverts back to its normal view. In fact, all the Silent Scope titles on Complete have light-gun recognition. It?s an interesting and ambitious attempt on Pelican?s part to try and recreate that classic feel of the game, and for the most part, it works. While we did run into a few small time delays when switching views, the different views did stay activated like they were supposed. I did notice a lag of about two seconds or so when switching from zoomed in view back to normal view. Granted, two seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but in a game that is so focused on timeliness and speed, such a lag made a pretty negative impression on me. I also did notice that the rifle did suffer from some imbalances now and then, particularly when it came to maintaining a stable line of contact with targets. ... The rifle, obviously, features neither a mount nor any other feature that offers additional stability, and as a result I noticed some instability at times when it came to targeting.....

...But then again, Pelican?s Silent Scope Light Rifle is the first peripheral out there to actually attempt to even recreate the sniper rifle feel of the arcade and as such, it does a pretty good job....

...Veterans of the series may be disappointed by the fact that there isn?t really much new to discover in Complete if you?ve already played all the titles

...It?s important to remember that Complete is more of an anthology rather than a new game, so the games? outdated graphics, while not that impressive, do seem to fit in with the overall scope of the titles (no pun intended).

....A big thanks goes out to Pelican for finally taking the chance that others didn?t and producing a peripheral that finally brings the arcade experience a little closer to home. But personally, as one who?s played a number of the Silent Scope titles in the arcades for very lengthy periods of time, I?m still waiting for a gun that really recreates the arcade experience, meaning one that has a scope that contains a small video screen in it. Until that day comes along, I?ll probably be content with just playing the game with the directional pad.


Hope that helps!

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Originally posted by GunnerX@Jan 13 2004, 09:35 AM

The new Mad Catz guns are HDTV RPTV compatible. I bought 2 and they work great with HOTD3. This is great news for Silent Scope fans!

Good news about the Mad Catz but will the Pelican Silent Scope gun work with HD-RPTVs?

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While it should work with rp-hdtv's, I'm having problems with it hooked up to my Sony 57HW40. It tracks just fine along the vertical axis, but not at all on the horizontal axis. It is like it is locked on just the vertical plane. I'm not sure what to make of it. It works just fine on a regular TV. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.


As far as build quality goes, it is very impressive. It feels huge. The pistol configuration is more like a sawed-off shotgun, and it is way cool with House of the Dead. The button layout is very efficient, and right under the thumb there is a little nubbin that functions as a dpad.



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