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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order


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I played it on the X in 30 fps mode because it was the most stable version on consoles. I’d be interested in checking this out again on the Series X (assuming it’s back compat, of course) where it will hopefully run a lot smoother in performance mode. This game would feel awesome at a rock-solid 60 fps.

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And done!  This game is a really, really solid star wars game.  Probably the best since...the KOTOR games?  I'd have to go back and see how Force Unleashed holds up.  Again, coming at this from a weird perspective of never having played Dark Souls-how different do the force abilities make the combat?  By the end, I was using the powers a whole lot more, and laying waste to most of the enemies.  I still had to dodge/parry, but I could usually follow that up with the LB+Y attack and do a ton of damage.  It seems like you have a lot of options in how you approach combat in this that I didn't use as much as I should have.  I don't think I ever slowed a blaster bolt (like one of the achievements suggested), and I didn't end up using the pull/immobilize/stab very often.  In the end I did use the charged push a little more to stagger enemies (and then use a heavy attack).  Also, force pushing enemies off of cliffs never seems to get old :)


When there's a sequel, I really hope to see more of the same with better polish.  The tech issues, sure, but some of the level design also had some challenges.  The initial path in was fine, but when you end up deep into a planet and have to get back to the ship, finding your way around can be a real issue.  I think it was on Zeffo, when I was exploring the wrecked Star Destroyer, that getting back to the Mantis meant trying to read what is and isn't a path on the map.  Maybe slightly better map design, maybe a little more signposting in the world, or maybe a couple more shortcuts, a second landing location, or even a fast travel system, but something to make finding your way around the environments better.  Getting lost in a game like this just sucks. 

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I just finished up a New Journey+ play through of this game today. I went back and played it on Jedi Master difficulty in Performance Mode on my Series X and it was great! As stated earlier in the thread, the game chugged on the old consoles, but on the new machines, it plays at a nearly perfect 60fps. The only time I notice any stutter is when the game loads in a new area. During all the combat and cut scenes though, it’s buttery smooth.


This time around I decided to try to actually find all the chests and secrets. I ended up with all the cosmetic bonuses for Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis as well as full health, Force meter, all abilities unlocked, and a full helping of stim canisters (10 in all!).


As much as I enjoy the game (this is my second time finishing it in less than a year), trying to find everything was a bit of a slog, thanks in no small part to the lack of a fast travel system. At the very least, it would be nice to have an option to warp back to the Mantis. The maps are very intricate, making it not only difficult to figure out where to go but how to get there. Just trying to read the map can be difficult at times. Maybe it’s something they can fix in the sequel.


The reward for doing all this though was that the ending was a breeze to get through—especially the final boss. Having 10 stims instead of (maybe) 6 like I did the first time, I played (which was also on Jedi Master difficulty, by the way) made that last fight much easier. The first time it probably took me more than a dozen tries and over an hour of play time. This time around, I beat her in three attempts. Of course, it helps that I had already played and beaten it once before. I know what strategies work on which enemies now, and I have a better grasp on the game mechanics. Still, I think also playing the game at 60 fps made a big difference in terms of timing and responsiveness. I made parrying and dodging attacks a lot easier.


Anyway, now that I’m done with this, I think I’ll move on to Star Wars: Squadrons. I know it’s a completely different kind of game, but I’ve been on a real Star Wars kick as of late (roughly around the last 40 years), and I’m eager for more. Even better, it’s a Series X/S-enhanced title, so I can officially call it a next-gen game.  😁

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3 minutes ago, Romier S said:



I was about to scream internally after seeing this, having just recompleted the game. Then I realized that I'm still using a 1080p Plasma for my display, so it doesn't matter if this update boosts the resolution of the game in performance mode.


Good to see 60 fps on Series S though. That's a nice win for owners of that system, given the fact they were stuck with the One S version previously.

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37 minutes ago, JFo said:

I would be very surprised if the Xbox Series version wasn't coming the same day.


As would I. The initial announcement said both were coming so I don't see why they would spread out the releases. I own the Xbox version so I'm game for that one to hit.


EDIT: Actually, this make sense. The Xbox version is "Smart Delivery" so there wouldn't be a separate physical retail release like the PS5 version. It's the same game at retail. The update for both is likely releasing tomorrow as you say along with the PS5 physical release (which retailers are saying they already have).

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10 minutes ago, Paul said:

In all fairness, there is no new content to hype nor are they charging any extra if you already owned the game. 


Not to mention, the "next gen" upgrade only really applies to the PS5 release along with its physical copy. All that it does is bring the Playstation version up to parity with the Series X release in terms of its performance mode (its now 1440p/60 as opposed to the 1080p/60 that it was).  Sure there are some other nips and tucks like some texture and load time improvements, etc. but the previous patch they released already did most of the heavy lifting here.

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