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On the Star Wars front 10 new series coming to Disney+, two of those will be from Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, “The Rangers of the New Republic” and “Ahsoka”, both set in the timeline of the Mandalorian, they will be interconnected and will culminate in a climatic story event. The Obi-Wan show will take place 10 years after RotS and Hayden Christensen is returning as Darth Vader directed by Deborah Chow. Lando is returning for a series developed by Justin Simien. The Leslye headland show will be named "The Acolyte" and take place during the High Republic era.


Marvel gets 10 series as well.


Additionally an “opt-in to mature content” feature is being added so you can watch content like Logan, Modern Family, and Atlanta.

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That soft spot must be your head, then, Angry!

The first 5 minutes are probably my least favourite 5 minutes of the series. The opening scene is great, but the Horatio Sanz alien character that he captures is just terrible. He looks and feels like

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UK gets the £7.99month/£80 annual price bump in February, which should hopefully mean we are getting the Star integration here as it's happening on the same day Star is supposed to be added. I've not seen Disney's UK social media teams confirm or even promote it however, and since the price increases seem to be global and not based on who gets the Star expansion or not, I'm still not 100% confident.

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Investor document does indeed seem to show that the UK is part of the Star rollout.



Disney+ will be updated to include the Star brand on February 23rd, 2021 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The streaming service will continue its global rollout, now with Star, in new markets beginning with Singapore on February 23rd, 2021, followed by Eastern Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong later in 2021.


Pricing for Disney+ as of February 23, 2021:

Canada: $11.99/month or $119.99/annual

Australia: $11.99/month or $119.99/annual

New Zealand: $12.99/month or $129.99/annual

UK: £7.99/month or £79.90/annual

Euro: 8.99/month or 89.90/annual

Norway: 89.00kr/month or 890.00kr/annual

Denmark: 79.00kr/month or 790.00kr/annual

Sweden: 89.00 kr/month or 890.00 kr/annual

Switzerland: CHF12.90/month or CHF129.00/annual

Singapore: $11.98/month or $119.98/annual




Hook all those damn Fox and Touchstone 4k masters you're sitting on into my veins, Disney.

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35 minutes ago, iainl said:

Not saying that’s bad value, particularly if we get a decent amount on Star, but a bit of a shock after year one being £49.99. 


That price was only for the earliest adopters though. It went up to £59.99 right after launch, but it's still a £20 bump again next February yes (by no means a small increase for a lot of people). At least the timing of annual subs from UK launch will allow us to access what's on Star before having to decide about whether to pay for another year again. 


I'm hoping 1yr on from D+ UK launch will finally be when we see their 4k content on iTunes here and hoping that will extend to all the 4k Fox and Touchstone stuff we might find on Star.

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1 hour ago, Graeme said:

It looks like it is just HD in iTunes here. 


Thanks for checking. Since it's only just been upgraded on D+ it will probably randomly update on iTunes some day in the future. I'm really glad those initial D+ 4K exclusives like Muppet Christmas Carol, Roger Rabbit, Pirates of the Caribbean....etc that don't have discs did at least switch to 4k on iTunes as well. There's still an average of 10-12mbps extra in the bitrates on iTunes streams from what I've read. 

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Disney UK have begun their marketing for the forthcoming addition of Star to Disney+ today.



I received email about it too. 


It's interesting that they're clearly not offering separate (cheaper) subscriptions for people who do not want Star.  I'll have about a month left on my D+ subscription to take a look at Star to evaluate whether there's enough there for me to justify renewing annually or not. So far the trailer isn't revealing much that instantly appeals but I'll have to see the full list of what's available once it actually launches.


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6 hours ago, iainl said:

Currently wondering about either dropping D+, or swapping with my parents so I pay for Netflix (and so can step up to 4K rather than HD) and let them pay for the D+. Will see what I think of Star. 


Best make that decision soon as Netflix are raising the price of their 4k tier in the UK in February.


Looking at my finances for the months ahead I'm actually going to drop thought of renewing Disney+ annually for the time being and just move to subscribing for a random month as and when it suits me like I do with Netflix. Wandavision will have finished before my current subscription ends so I will be able to see that and get a sense of what Star will have to offer in future.

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Well, this was unexpected-all 5 seasons of the Muppet Show are going to be on Disney+ Feb 19: https://tv.avclub.com/disney-raises-the-curtain-on-the-muppet-show-in-februa-1846084157


Nothing in there about whether there's any missing content, or whether the extra UK bits will be in there like they were on the DVDs, but having good versions of the last couple seasons is great news, since those box sets never got released. 

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I'm so happy about that. My thinking is they should be the UK broadcast versions (the Muppet Show was filmed over here, so the masters will actually be UK PAL based), but whether Disney have paid up for every single piece of licensing we'll have to wait and see.


I hope they put Muppets Tonight on Disney+ at some stage too.

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So I have Disney+ until December 2022. Already paid. I'm also paying for Hulu w/no ads separately. 


If I were to "upgrade" to the bundle, how the hell do they handle that? I'm guessing I'm SOL. There is no benefit to bundling Hulu given the promotion I already have. 


I also assume other's here are in the same situation.

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