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Help me spend some money-kinda long with questions


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Recently this past Christmas I got an Xbox so I am no longer part of the age old console gang(still have an n64 and a PSX) as I was primarily a Computer gamer.

Seeing as my PC was getting old(1.33 amd geforce 3), I wanted to pick up a console.


Thus far I have picked up the following accessories and games:

Xbox Christmas set with Clone Wars/ Tetris World and 2 months of live(not activated yet).

Controller S


On top of that I picked up for Christmas:

ESPN NFL Football aka 2k4

WSB 2k3 - Waiting on a 2k4 release :)

Blinx - not liking this game at all

Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Feature - so far so good

NHL Hitz Pro: Average game but free ;)


After this I went out and purchased:


Top Spin

Amped 2

Links 2004

Splinter Cell


Ok not a bad start!




The question is now what?


I have about $200 to spend and I'm not sure what next.


Buy a headset then when the 2 months is up spend the $49 for the renewal. Then again I think I can live w/o voice chat for 2 months and buy the $69(or less) kit and get the free game with it. This is a toughie for me. Which way would you go? I won't go officially "Live" until Mid January due to wiring issues I need to overcome. Wireless doesn't work in my house. I kind of like option 2 because I could buff up on my skills and be prepared to play against you experts!


On top of this, what other accessories should I consider? I don't have HDTV but I do have a 5.1 system. Then again I only have 1 component input that is being used at the moment =/ MY recievers's switching sucks. Another controller is an option but I'm waiting for a Wireless one to work with Xbox LIve if possible ;)


Game wise: Since I can't afford to purchase a game a month or more like some folks here, I must be careful on what I buy. Crimson Skies is a possibility as is Rainbow Six 3 but I wasn't a huge fan of the original. I now wonder if I will like it. I have a pc version that came with a video card I bought but I haven't loaded it yet. Then again it might not be able to replicate the fun you guys are having on XBL. I've wavered on the GTA Set as well.


Anything coming soon I should pay attention to and save my money for? I've also thought about buying the rs3 with headset package(is the headset anygood compared to the XBL kit one?)


I've also tried PGR2 at best buy and wasn't completely blown away. Then again this maybe a bad place to initially judge a game.


Sorry for the length, TIA as I'm trying to avoid flavors of the month.

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Some recommendations for you:


Panzer Dragoon Orta: Can be found for the criminally low price of 10-15 bucks these days. Its a rail shooter like the old school shooters back in the day. From top to bottom still my favorite Xbox game. The graphics are still some of the best you can find on the system and the gameplay is just out of this world fantastic. Its beautiful, alluring and has an excellent story to boot. Also includes and absolute treasure trove of extra that will keep you playing for hours upon hours. If your not a shooter fan than this may not be for you. For me, its videogame perfection ;) .


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The RPG for people who don't like RPG's ;) . Its really amazing how many people I've met that really despise the RPG genre but enjoy KOTOR. For those that do love the genre however this is still one of the best out there. Deep and strategic combat system, excellent story and free form gameplay that allows you to choose whether you will become a dark jedi or light side hero. A must own IMHO. Gets a tad too talky at times but you'll be so enthralled by the goings on you wont mind.


Otogi Myth of Demons: Complete balls out action game that just reeks of high production value and fast paced gameplay. You get sword play, full destructible environments, a ton of unlockable weaponry and magic and its almost serene to play. Graphically the game is more high art than tehnical accomplishment but that does not stop it from being drool worthy to these eyes. The game can become a tad repetitive in the middle but the later missions make up for it. You'll get alot of bang for your buck too as the game is unusually long for this genre (30 missions and a good 20+ hours of gameplay to see everything).


Metal Arms Glitch in the System: Killer shooter here. Its starts out a tad slow and really doesn't open up until 3 or so levels in but once it does you'll be sweating like you just did a 2 hour workout. Its hard as hell but never stops being fun. A great variety of weapons, vehicles and even the ability to control robots remotely. I still haven't beaten this one (on level 16 of 42) but thus far I have no problem recommending it.


There is a ton more for you to look into. Halo is a definite buy (and can be had for about 30 these days). Crimson Skies is highly recommended. Great single player component and a really fun online mode that sadly got lost in the shuffle with other bigger games. Rainbow Six 3 is one of the most played online games on this forum right now and you'll have little problems finding a game to join. The single player side is also quite fun with its use of voice commands for your squad. There are other titles that go without saying such as Project Gotham Racing 2 which I would recommend even to a non-racing fan since its so damn fun online and offline (definitely give it more play time that a Best Buy display) and there is much much more....


Congrats on the system purchase and have fun! You've got alot to explore. There are a ton of high profile and lower key games that deserve your attention.


Now get a PS2 and GC and complete the collection ;)

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If I were just starting out, I'd get the Rainbow Six 3 headset package. You get a nice comfortable headset (so I've heard) and a fantastic game. Beyond Good & Evil just got price-slashed down to $20, but is a really good game. The GTA pack will net you two great games, if you haven't already experienced them. Halo is a must-have. Some excellent cheaper games are: Deathrow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the first game), GunValkyrie (camera issues, though), Enclave (hack 'n' slash), Syberia (point and click adventure), Mojo! (Super Monkey Ball-ish) and Tetris Worlds. As much as I like Crimson Skies, it's rare we play it much Live, though it is great single-player. Prince of Persia is very good as well.

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Since you said you have a PS1, I hope you played Silent Hill

I have it at home actually. I may pick that up. I may not. I didn't play SIlent Hill much.


At this point I will probably get a rental card and go to town.


More recommendations are nice though! :)

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If you're looking to get started with Live, I would activate the 2 free months, buy a starter kit which gets you a year subscription, headset and game for less than the cost of the headset and year subscription. You can then use the subscription card included with the starter kit to tack on an extra year after your free 2 months are over.


You might want to save some for Ninja Gaiden.

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ummmmmmm....and where is Halo?

If it goes on sale like it did before Christmas I'd buy it but the only used copy I have seen was $35. I'll wait for Halo 2 if I'm going to pay $30ish for it.

You might want to save some for Ninja Gaiden

I've heard some positive things about this..

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