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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)


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If you're like me, you've been frustrated or annoyed with WWE for quite a while now. I just checked and the last time someone posted to our WWE thread was late 2017, and that was regarding NXT. WWE's also currently not in the best shape as ratings are down and it seems like most people are generally down on it even if they do watch.


I'd been hoping someone like Billy Corgan could get something bigger going, and TNA or Ring of Honor just never seemed that interesting enough to grab me either.


When Cody and the Bucks got their All In show going last year, that was the closest thing to what I thought could be the next big wrestling promotion. Tony Khan agreed, he was already thinking about getting one off the ground, and they came together to form AEW.


The things they're talking about doing, being more sports centric, making wins and losses actually matter, prestigious titles, have me more excited about pro wrestling than I have been in a long, long, time.


This Saturday is really the big turning point with their Double or Nothing pay per view. It's the first official AEW show, and will lead into a couple more smaller events this summer, and then 2 hour live show on TNT this fall.



This will catch you all up if interested:


Also, an excellent interview with Tony Khan that going into what AEW will be like:


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I hope they do well, as wwe needs real competition. However the moment they announced how much the PPV was they lost me. The reason they needed to price it like that, is the tv deal is really shitty. They need to hit the ground running fast.

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They are only making partial money off ad revenue. Turner is handling production, and AEW is not getting paid to put their product on the air like WWE does. Singh can keep paying contracts, but unless turner makes $$, this could be a short deal. It’s what happened with all these up start companies.

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Ok, I didn't know what you meant by shitty 😀


I didn't realize WWE still pays for their own production but not like they are hurting in their deals.


Overall, based on everything I've seen so far, I am really optimistic that this is going to work. Let's see.

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Yeah, I'm really excited for this! The wife and I went to All In last year, and it was a blast!


I watched Wrestlemania this year, and haven't watched a minute of WWE since. I read reviews of the shows and usually end up thinking, "Well, I didn't miss anything." It's frustrating, because they have a truly amazing roster, but don't use them properly. Vince really needs to retire.


If you haven't seen the Dark Side of the Ring episodes yet, they are pretty darn good. I knew some of the stories pretty well, but a lot of the details were new.

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Anybody catch it? I thought it was damn good show and excited for the future.


First the bad:

The pre-show sucked, and if I was watching that getting my first taste of the product, I probably would not "Buy In" as it was titled. 

Commentary was decent and great to hear J.R., but the other guy (not Excalibur) was not my idea of who I'd like to see calling matches.


Highlights for me:


The women's match with Aja Kong was incredibly entertaining. Only downside for me were moments where they wait too long to be on the receiving end of a spot (pet peeve of mine), but really, really fun match to watch.




Cody vs Dustin

Damn, I was eating during this one and it was tough. It was a fucking blood bath. I was also surprised how emotionally involved I was at the end. When Cody got on the mic at the end 😢









Bret Hart revealing the Championship Belt







And Omega vs Jericho was great, but Moxley and Omega fighting in the crowd was surreal



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I caught it live Saturday night, and mirror most of Starhawk's feelings:


1) The battle royale was a bit of a mess (although it had some fun spots) but I thought the singles match was great (drawing a blank on the two wrestler's names; I'd not heard of them before but am a fan now). 


2) The commentary team needs to improve. They weren't awful, but they need to tighten it up a bit. Same for production. It looked good, but they had a lot of inexplicably missed shots that were very frustrating. I'm sure this will get better with experience, but it was frustrating.


3) I marked out hard when Brandi announced Awesome Kong as a participant in the women's (formerly) 3 way match. They didn't use her enough during the match, but it was great to see her in a ring (outside of GLOW) again.


4) Agree with all your points on Dustin/Cody: I was not looking forward to this match, and it ended up being my favorite of the night (although it was hard to watch due to all the blood at points).


5) While not completely unexpected, seeing Moxley was great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him vs Omega. Should be a lot of fun with two guys with differing styles. It sounds like Moxley is excited to wrestle a different style/environment than he was locked into.


6) The Bucks vs Lucha Bros was bonkers awesome.


While definitely not a perfect show, this show was a lot of fun and set the table nicely for what's to come. If they can properly build some of the young guys (Jungle Boy has a unique look, although I think the name is stupid), AEW's future is very bright, IMO.

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10 hours ago, jubjub75 said:

Same for production. It looked good, but they had a lot of inexplicably missed shots that were very frustrating. I'm sure this will get better with experience, but it was frustrating.


This was a point I forgot to mention. Definitely need to improve here. The stage had those two entrances, and there were several times they had the camera pointing at the wrong one when the wrestler was coming out!

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A few buddies and I are splitting the PPV cost but we’re definitely all in.:)


Its too bad Ambrose/Moxley is injured but Pac vs Omega should be an awesome match. It looks like a good card top to bottom. The Young Bucus vs the Lucha Bros should be insanely good! 


The promotion just signed Tony Schiavone as a producer for the show on TNT.

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Yep, REALLY looking forward to this! I think that delaying Moxley vs Omega will end up being a good thing (feel terrible for Moxley's injury, though). Omega vs PAC should be bonkers awesome and will build anticipation for Moxley/Omega. And Moxley/PAC should be great (assuming that will happen eventually). For a relatively small promotion with not a ton of history, they have a lot of exciting matchups they can book when needed.


Have they announced the next PPV yet? I'd assume they'll announce it on the show tomorrow or early in the TNT series. I'd bet Nov or Dec for the next one.

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15 hours ago, Starhawk said:


I think so. From what I've gathered they want to only do a paid PPV once a quarter. That's like perfect scheduling for me. 

Agreed. The endless PPV’s on WWE that feel like bloated Raws is part of the reason I can’t deal with them anymore. PPV’s should feel different and have greater production values. I don’t mind paying as long as they are actual events.

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