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A Hole In One!!!! But...


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Well, I was playing some Links online tonight with Joey,Bryan & James (CaptDS9e,Mr James, & PPH2) & we were talking about if we have heard of anyone getting a hole in one.


AFAWK, no LCVGer has gotten one,though James did see someone get one in general play.


Lo & behold - the next stroke match we play - on New South Wales Hole 6 - I hit one in! :green:

A thing of beauty it was. James & Bryan were both playing with me at the time & they saw the streak.


So why am I mad? Because not only didn't the stats post - I couldn't save my shot. I actually saved James' putt instead of my thing of beauty.


So I'm forced to go with no evidence of my greatness... :x

Bryan & James will back up my claim, though...


EDIT: Well, it isn't all bad - it looks like my player career info did register the shot. So I do have credit for a hole in one. Still would've loved to have kept the shot,though.

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It was a beautiful chartreuse line that came in high, bounced twice and rammed itself into the hole (that's what she said). ;)


Congrats Calvin! Nice shot! Glad to say I saw it.

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I had one this past Thursday and had the same problem as Calvin trying to save the replay (ended up saving a shot of my friend doing a flop shot from the rough). And, also like Calvin, it did update to my player's career stats.


All of that said, congrats Calvin on the shot. And, sorry I missed you guys playing last night. By the time I was done with my game with Mario, you were all offline.

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