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Cyberpunk 2077 - Released, broken and delisted from the PlayStation store....

Romier S

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5 minutes ago, Eldorado said:

The worst part I think would be that anyone that buys a disc has a completely broken game forever. Because let’s be honest, patches anymore seem to be as big as the original game. 

Yep. It’s also why you wait for the inevitable “Game of the Year” edition or in CDPR’s case, the complete or special edition down the line that will have a mostly patched version of the game. I’ve rebought some games on the cheap with those types of editions to have “complete” physical copies. The Horizon Zero Dawn patched re-release with the DLC on disc for instance or Resident Evil VII Gold that has the fully patched version of the game and all DLC on disc. Got each used for like 6 bucks.

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It’s a big fat black eye on CDPR, man. Just ugly.


Arkham Knight on PC might be the most analogous situation but it’s minuscule compared to this. I haven’t seen a company so totally squand its reputation and goodwill in the community between the release of two games like this. (Witcher 3 —> Cyberpunk)


Edit: Christ, Fallout 76 and Anthem were horrible launches and weren’t delisted.

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There’s some overthinking FUD in that tweet. Not being listed on the store doesn’t mean they are delisted from the patch certification process and it doesn’t make the likely hundreds of thousands of copies sold/will sell physically magically disappear. Of course it will still get patches and when the game is in a functional enough state in Sony’s eyes where they can deny refund asks on new purchases? It it will get relisted.

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47 minutes ago, Graeme said:

Has anyone heard anything about retailers having any sort of refund policy for the game yet? I’m curious if any have said they would accept them yet. 



Apparently GameStop is directing people to CDPR. 

CDPR’s statement of trying to get a refund at your retailer seemed like to huge dose of wishful thinking (or ignorance as to what most retail polices are, at least in North America). 


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  • Romier S changed the title to Cyberpunk 2077 - Released, broken and delisted from the PlayStation store....

This is pretty remarkable.  Delisted from the store... would have been hard to believe a couple of weeks ago.


I know this is an extreme case, but this is an industry that is slowly teaching its customers that being an early adopter may not be worth it.  The forces of wanting to be first / "Playing since day one!" are always going to be strong for many, but knowing you can wait to get something actually ready and usually for less money is going to be a strong consideration for more and more people if these situations keep occurring.

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It's crazy that hearing this tale is making me long for the days of "You want to play it? Fuck you! UPGRADE YOUR SHIT!".


It's a cautionary tale for sure,  and the guy that first proposed that next gen titles should be written so as to work on old gen consoles, should get a kick in the balls.    (And yes I realize that Cyberpunk didn't start out as a next gen title.)


I remember cases where they said game X is now a next gen title, making the difficult and gutsy call to cut-off the old gen dev cycle at some point. Has anyone done that for this new generation? 

I guess it's a proof that we're at the point of diminishing returns on game performance that it's even a consideration to try to run it on old gen, and that  the "next gen" upgrades are mostly marginal, but impressive, cosmetic and performance upgrades. 


Imagine if someone at Nintendo had said we have to make sure mario64 can run on SNES.

You can't because it wasn't possible due to completely new architecture. They should have just kept that mindset, even if theoretically they can do it now. 


It's the Nascar restrictor-plate racing come to consoles. It feels like next gen owners are getting ripped off because the amazing new machines are getting a rev limiter so the poor bastards with an Xbox 1 can still "enjoy" the game. 



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I feel bad for people playing on consoles because this game is not in a playable state on the PS4/Xbone and that sucks but, it’s cool that they are refunding any/all of these. No way this repairs the reputation of CDPR anytime soon but, all previous games by CDPR indicate that they will patch it and make it not just playable but good on consoles, especially the next gen patches and PS5/XSX. I just wish you guys could play the game I’ve been able to play since this is a really awesome and fun one. Not trying to salt anything and no bullshit between PC, consoles, etc - this one just happened to be in a more stable state on PC instead of console at launch. It’s gone the other way plenty of times too and sucks regardless of platform. 

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