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Outrun 2 and Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast Discussion

Romier S

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I wonder if they've updated the flinging of the car's occupants with blood effects and rag doll physics?


heh, what is it coming out on the Xbox or something? :lol: (oh wait it may be...lol)


Seriously though, the game is looking pretty nice. Gamespot just posted a news story as well:


Here it is:




Sega's AM-2 team has today updated its official Japanese Web site with the first information on the tentatively titled OutRun2. The game is currently in development for the Xbox-based Chihiro arcade platform and will allow players to race in officially licensed Ferrari sports cars including the F50 and the 1960s Dino 246 GT--as illustrated by today's screenshots.


A rough translation of the Web site suggests that players will be able to choose between realistic and drift handling styles, and also that the beautiful woman present in the passenger seat will play a far more active role in OutRun2 than in the original game--possibly making specific demands of the player concerning preferred routes and suchlike which, if met, will reward the player with a superior ending at the finish.


According to the AM-2 site, the arcade version of OutRun2 is currently scheduled for release in Japan towards the end of this year. No console versions of the game have been formally confirmed at this time, but it seems reasonable to assume that at the very least an Xbox version of the game shouldn't be too far behind. We'll bring you more information on OutRun2 as soon as it becomes available.

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Dumb question: was Outrun 2 ever formally announced on the Xbox?


Sure wasn't. Nor was Virtua Cop 3 which is also based on the Xbox powered Chihiro arcade chipset. Being that they are based on Xbox architecture people automatically assume the games will be ported. (..and we know what assumptions lead to :D ).

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Heres some fun numbers I found whilst digging around:


(sales are through October 2003, source is NPD))




CRAZY TAXI 3 95,114



SEGA GT 2002 70,529


OTOGI: MYTH OF DEMONS 40,190 (Technically From Software but Sega published)


Outrun 2 PS2 exclusive? I'm shocked. In fact I can barely control my ability to stay calm :D .

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This is so disappointing. Obviously from those figures, I can see that Sega would want to have better sales. But if that's the case, why not release it for BOTH the Xbox and PS2? Why does Sega always want to do system exclusives? I was also looking forward to Virtua Cop 3, which I'm guessing will go PS2 as well.


And being on the PS2 doesn't guarantee sales. Virtual On: Marz wasn't doing so well the last time I looked at the sales. Same with Gungrave and their ESPN games. I think ESPN Football was only a little over 100,000.


Also, that number for Otogi is shockingly low! I thought it was doing better than that. I pray that if Sega doesn't bring Otogi 2 over here, that someone else will. :(

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