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Router troubles


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I have here a probelm with my router. :( Its a Linksys BEFSR41 version 3 "etherfast" router with a 4 port switch.

The probelm is that after I set it up, install the software, and update it, I will lose my internet connection anywhere from 5-60 minutes later, and you have to reset it to get it to work again. Each time you reset it though, I lose the connection quicker, like after 1-3 minutes.

I searched reviews on this and found that a lot of others with this router are experiencing this problem.

There is a possibility I could get a new one in a few days, but its 50 dollars. If I could fix mine I could get a new game with that money instead.

And I cant call Linksys. When I did, all they told me was to update the firmware, which I did, and thats all. And it didnt work. Some customer support. :(


Any comments or ideas are really appriciated, thanks.

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I am just going to get a new router. So far I have picked 2 different ones, both compatable with Xbox live. If you know of a good router, post it ASAP as I will be buying a new one within the next day.


D-Link router

Price: 45 dollars

I never heard of them, but their router im looking at seems to have some good awards. But I read some reviews on it, most were good but still a lot of people reported problems playing games, or worse the router didnt work at all. This group of people is a minority but I want to do everything I can to make sure I dont get another useless router.


Microsoft router

Price: 30 dollars

Im seriously considering getting this one. Just because of the price difference, and its made by Microsoft so Im pretty sure I can trust that it will be reliable, unlike my current one. Most of the reviews on this one were great, with only a few people having trouble getting new firmware updates. I dont think I will have a problem with that though.


So, what do you think?

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