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Blair Witch - Coming August 30th

Romier S

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On 6/10/2019 at 11:04 AM, Angry the Clown said:

I’ve not heard of the developer (Bloober Team) or any of their games before. Anyone had experience?


They're known for two games - Layer of Fear, a 'walking sim'/horror, and _Observer, a cyberpunk "spying sim" , both of which are big on observational horror & atmosphere. 

I love that new trailer, @Romier S, really captures the mood of the film. 

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Played through the first couple hours of this.  It's got nice atmosphere and it doesn't take the game long to put you in the darkness, after seeming you'd be in day for a while when you show up to the forest.  Bullet's, the dog, mechanics work well so far and he is key to surviving numerous issues for the main character.  And of course, there are videos you pick up along the way, but some of them allow you to manipulate the environment in different ways which allow you to find more clues to progress.  Not really any traditional combat but it seems to use your flashlight to combat the forces hunting you.  I'll be sticking with it, although I just got hit with a bug where I was completely stuck and couldn't move, so I'll lose about 10 minutes of progress when I go back.  Playing on PC and it looks pretty good as well, although the cutscenes are jarringly low rez.

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I finally got around to playing this after wrapping up Medievil. I really can’t say I have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. It was pretty middling overall. The game has a ton of really nice atmosphere that captures the feeling of the movies. It also has some appropriately creepy moments from time to time. That along with the stellar sound design really highlights the very best the game has to offer. Along with some pretty impressive visuals from such a small team.


Outside of that, the performance on the X version isn’t great. Things get better once nightfall arrives but it never feels entirely smooth and has a stuttery feel throughout. That’s not a big deal though as you get used to it pretty fast. The over reliance on jump scares though becomes a bigger problem. Especially in the latter half of what is about a four hour game. There’s one or two effective ones in the mix but after awhile you see they coming a mile away and subsequently the game loses its teeth in the process. 

The story is heavily reliant on you giving a damn about its main character, Ellis and his background. There might have been an interesting character/psychological narrative to be had here but it all feels completely “has been” and pretty stretched thin. Considering the games length, that may come as a surprise but honestly there really isn’t much narrative meat and whatever guesses your making about Ellis as you play? Well, your probably right. The game isn’t going to go out of its way to surprise you with its story and the motivations of its main character. At least you’ll give a damn about the dog!

Speaking of which, the dog is mechanically a 4-legged compass. You’ll need him to make your way through the woods and to fend off the monsters you encounter as he barks in the direction they are attacking from. The rest of the time he’ll be running ahead of you stewarding you to the next important location. You can pet him and give him snacks so you’ll invariably care because it’s an animal in imminent danger. I can’t say the game did a great job of forging a relationship between the dog and Ellis. Shadow of the Colossus and Agro this is not.


I will say that the finale in the seminal Rustin Parr house is pretty damned strong if a bit overly long. The atmosphere is just amazing and the game finally forcing Ellis to use his camera over the flashlight makes for some harrowing tension. It’s just turns into a massive info dump as you progress with a ton of hallucinations stacked one one on top of the other which ends up hurting it and making it feel pretty laborious. The most recent film handled the same house beautifully and that whole sequence was as creepy as it could get! The game tries and kinda, sorta gets there.


That pretty much sums up the experience, really. The game tries hard and it succeeds on some fronts but it never really gets there when it needs to. For a quick four hour diversion on Game Pass? Yeah, it’s worth a play through if your a fan of the films. Would I shell out more than $15-$20 for this? No, I can’t say I would and once I finished it, I was ready to move on.

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There was a reason I never expounded on my playthrough because it was just so blah.  And I found the end tedious, especially after


the dog dies


and you go round and round that path forever before getting to the house.  And the tension of the house was mostly killed since you mostly just stare at the ground to get around obstacles.  And, like  you said, the house just goes on for a long time.  Pretty good walking sim, but glad I didn't pay for it.


Performance wise, saw no problems on PC.  

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