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Hollow Knight: Silksong (Switch, PC)


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So this wasn't officially announced at E3 (it was announced by Team Cherry back in February — on Valentine's Day no less), but it did have a pressence at the show this year. It popped up toward the end of Nintendo's E3 Direct during the sizzle reel of forthcoming games. It was also playable on the show floor as noted by this article at  Kotaku. It was also featured at Nintendo's Tree House Live from the show floor.



Unfortunately no release date has been set as of yet. The closest we have is the "Coming Soon" tag from the sizzle reel, which could mean tomorrow or three years from now.


Regardless, I'm ready for it. As you may have guessed from my avatar, I'm a big fan of the first game, having spent over 40 hours with it. 


Silksong appears to be more of the same, except that instead of playing as the Knight, you play as Hornet, a character the Knight encountered in the first game. She will have a slightly different move set and her own unique abilities, which should help to freshen up the gameplay a bit.


Also, it sounds like this game's theme will be ascending rather than descending, which was the overall theme of the original. So instead of exploring tunnles deep below the serface of the earth, you'll be climbing to the top of something — a tower perhaps or a large hill? I'm not sure exactly.


Obviously, there's more to come. I will be keeping an eye out for news on this one, and anxiously awaiting an official release date announcement.

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