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Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 Released (PS4, XB1,Switch) - Doom 64 coming too!


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To add insult to injury, Beth pulled the backwards compatible versions of Doom and Doom II for the 360. If you don’t already have them installed - you’re fucked cause they’re gone.:( Nevermind if you owned them or not. I do and thankfully have them both installed.


Edit: Apparently an error that Bethesda is fixing, thankfully. Good on them.



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On 7/26/2019 at 11:34 AM, JFo said:

Time for John at Digital Foundry to get to work.


And here it is!



EDIT: I just finished watching the video. John calls these conversions of Doom and Doom II "mediocre" for a variety of technical issues he details in the video.


Doom 3, however, is a fantastic port all around on every platform. The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro version both run at 4K60, while the base consoles run at 1080p60. Switch also runs at 1080p60 docked, but there are performance dips throughout. These dips are smoothed over in handheld mode though, were the resolution drop to 720p.


I am glad I have the 360 ports of the first two games. It sounds like they still reign as the best versions of those titles.

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You’re in for a real treat, yes. It’s a fantastic remix of the original two Doom games with unique visuals and an amazingly atmospheric soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges who did the soundtrack for the original PSX release of Doom (my personal favorite version).


My only concern with the trailer is that it looks like they’ve messed with the games brightness to make it more colorful. Doom 64 is intentionally a very dark and foreboding game. I’d hate to see that lost in translation.

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Big Doom and Doom II patch for all platforms.



Aspect Ratio control

Add-On support including the two packs that make up Final Doom and Romero's recent "Sigil" release!


...and much much more. Bethesda has done some amazing work getting these to a place where they can be considered definitive console releases...




My only other wish would be for them to add the option to support the PSX color grading and soundtrack!

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