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$5 XBOX Platinum Hits

Dave C

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Saw this posted at the old stomping grounds... thanks Troy*H


"Best Buy has a deal going that if you buy splinter cell(which is $5) any and all plat hits you get with it are also $5. I bought 9 games for 46 bucks shipped to my house. It is a really good deal seeing a lot of stores will give you more than 5 bucks trade in for a lot of the games."


You have to put it in your shopping card to show up as $5.


Which platinum hit titles will generate the most trade in credit? :green:

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First, we have to somehow bring down fatwallet.com and their ilk. Yes, even though that is where we find a lot of these bargains, the asshats out there are making it difficult to seal these deals. Last night I ordered SC and Sega GT Online, I got a confirmation number on my screen, but not by email. I foolishly left that page and when I went back, the number was gone. I talked to a CSR, but they were offline and couldn't help me. I just talked to them again and they have no record of the sale. No email confirmation, either. They are going to contact me by phone and I'm going to raise holy hell until they honor this deal.

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all I ordered was splinter cell and sega gt online. I didn't receive an email and it doesn't show up on their site. I called them since I had printed out the confirmation number and they have no record of it. Although my bank card has a $10 hold on it for the order. They said they would investigate it and get back to me.

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Best Buy Deal appears to be dead. They removed Splinter Cell from their site, so you cannot order it anymore.


Things like this usually don't last too long. It seems like the people over at VGTalk and CAG go out and buy 20 copies of titles to sell them on Ebay. Kind of takes the fun out of finding a bargain, huh?



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