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LOTR Symphony Concert


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I'm very pleased. I got myself tickets for the London performance of Shore's LOTR Symphony Concert in London, which is set for the 23rd of May (around the time he'll be here taking over Watford Town Hall again to record the extended edition music I'd imagine).


I saw him conduct the first two movements of the symphony (Fellowship) last February and it was rather magnificent given he had 3 choirs up there on the stage with the orchestra. Now of course he was completed the symphony of all six movements and has been touring the world with it since early December (where it premiered in New Zealand the day before the film premiere of Return of the King).


A few US dates were announced last year, and I dare say there will be more to be announced, but do look out for it if it's coming near you. I'm a big fan of classical music and film music as many know, and I do adore live orchestral concerts. For those who have never attended such a thing, I should think the performance of this Symphony would be an astoundingly overwhelming treat for the senses.


Movement One

The Prophecy / Concerning Hobbits / The Shadow of the Past / A Short Cut To Mushrooms / The Old Forest / A Knife in the Dark


Movement Two

Many Meetings / The Ring Goes South / A Journey in the Dark / The Bridge of Khazad-dum / Lothlorien / Gandalf's Lament / Farewell to Lorien / The Great River / The Breaking of the Fellowship


Movement Three

Foundations of Stone / The Taming of Smeagol / The Riders of Rohan / The Black Gate is Closed / Evenstar / The White Rider / Treebeard / The Forbidden Pool


Movement Four

The Hornburg / Forth Eorlingas / Isengard Unleashed / Gollum's Song


Movement Five

Hope and Memory / The White Tree / The Steward of Gondor / Cirith Ungol / Anduril


Movement Six

The End of All Things / The Return of the King / The Grey Havens / Into the West


A break comes between movements two and three.


The two movements of Fellowship lasted about 45 minutes. Although each cue title listed in the program reflects the titles on the CD, they do differ and most actually reflect the film versions more than the CD versions of the cues. He also employs some skilful editing to bring in a few branches from other cues featured in the rest of the score, into ones used in the symphony ('Shadow of the Past' for instance broke into 'Treason of Isengard' which then flowed quickly into 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms'). Shore had added a fair bit of extended edition music to the FOTR performance I saw him conduct last year. It's possible given the timing, that this London performance of the symphony will see some of the ROTK music reworked to include some extended edition motifs.


More in May when I have seen the performance. I just wanted to share my excitement. :) A special bonus about the London performance is that Shore conducts the London Philharmonic, who performed the three scores in the first place. :D Forth Eorlingas...live... Oh my.



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Ok, here's links to all performances I know of:


Montreal (23rd of Feb 2004):



Ohio (26th of March 2004)



London (23rd of May 2004)



Atlanta (4th & 5th of June 2004)



Seattle (16th & 17th of July 2004)





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Speaking of unique concerts: Final Fantasy Concert


first ever Final Fantasy symphony concert in the U.S. on Monday, May 10, 2004, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. The performance will feature music from the Final Fantasy series, performed by the acclaimed Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale.



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WOOOOOOOOO, Another UK date has been announced at the venue I said it should have been all along. The Royal Albert Hall. the 22nd of September is the date, at 7:30, and I just got tickets for this performance as well. :green: Acoustical delight! If the young lad's voice has not broken yet, and Ben Del Maestro ends up performing at the concert then....... oh boy.


Daniel (UK)

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Arrgh!!!! Shore conducting the Rings score, or the birth of my first child. Which should I attend?


Can't you just TELL the child to wait a bit? Kids have no respect these days. Straight from birth it's all "me, me, me" :green:



The Albert Hall performance is basically a grouping of the major players on the three scores themselves, The London Philharmonic and the London voices (and Shore, obviously). If any of the soloists from the scores show like (like Del Maestro), it will be even more astounding. The Festival Hall concert in May is the LPO too, but I don't think the London Voices is the choir for that one. As it stands, the September concert should be the defining performance of the entire global tour.




PS: In a related note, they brought the schedule for recording the extended edition ROTK music forward, and the sessions finished in Watford two weeks ago. Just over forty minutes of new and expanded music in all.

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