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Fatal Frame


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I finally picked up Fatal Frame Saturday night. I've had a hard time finding it, but my local EB came through for me. :)


Anyway, my girlfriend and I started playing last night. We only played for about 40 minutes since I had to go home and go to bed (stupid job ;) ), and in that short time, it has already lived up to the hype. We were both creeped out, however, we didn't scream like school girls when seeing the 1st ghost. ;)

The look and feel of the game are top notch and so far the story has already got us sucked in. I can't wait to find out what happens next, and see some of the other ghosts.


Anyway, we are looking forward to going through this game. It always works out great when I find a game my g/f will either play or watch. :)



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