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12 is a poor record

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Can't we beat this?


I'd love to see that beat very soon. 66 folks registered and I see quite a few browsing at various times.


Problem is there is very little gaming news or happenings going on right now. The Dead spell is KILLING me! Though the world has not been exposed as of yet to LCVG and no doubt that will be an easier record to break once that happens (this month!).


The rules for the forum will be going up shortly as well so look out for Kelley to post an announcement for that soon and email all the mods this info as well. (as soon as I get these damn things sent out to him).

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Mario Golf will send shockwaves through the forums and a torrent of posting


heh, I'll be buying. So at the very least I will add to the up and coming "torrent". Wario World has been a hoot so far (though a bit easy but I'll save that for the official review:)).


Things will pick up soon. August-December should be jam packed with game info and releases. That record will be broken.

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