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Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town


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Anyone else play this yet ? It is actually a lot of fun and a nice break from most of the high action games I've been playing lately.


The premise is basically the same from what I have been told the other games in the series follows.


You inherit a farm and you make friends with the townsfolk. In this one you don't have to save the town from anything, you have to make your farm profitable, raise critters, and eventually get married.



Thanks to Orpheus for the heads up on this series. 8)


Now I am gonna be obsessed with getting the rest of the series as well as the new GC verson soon to be, if not already released.

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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Jan 5 2004, 10:40 AM

For Xmas I got both Friends of Mineral Town for GBA, as well as Save the Homeland for PS2.


Haven't tried either yet, but I'm looking forward to playing both.

Well, since I just got married in FoMT, let me know if you need any tips. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.


Save the Homeland was tons of fun as well as videogame-crack for me. That was the one game where I played non-stop from 8am to almost 6pm one day. :shock:


Friends of Mineral Town is easier for me to play since I can take my SP to work with me and charge up the battery as I play there most of the night. And no ... I an not gonna admit how long I play every night either. :shock: :shock:

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