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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 PS2 bound

Romier S

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Here is the report on Gamespot:






In addition to the campaign from the Xbox and PC versions of Rainbow Six 3, the PS2 version will boast an additional mission, extra multiplayer maps, and a new two-player split-screen mode for cooperative play. Voice Command technology will be supported for players with a headset, allowing them to communicate both with AI squad mates during campaign missions and with other players in the game's three adversarial modes of online play.



Online play is intact and extra maps included for PS2 online enabled gamers. This holiday season was not kind to Ubi's big releases and given that R6 is a proven seller on the Xbox and PC I'm sure that success will be duplicated on the PS2.

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1up.com has a good preview and screens of the PS2 version.


Heres a link to the article:






Like the PS2 port of Splinter Cell (which was put together by many of the same people at Ubisoft Shanghai handling this conversion -- they are quickly becoming the Tom Clancy Xbox to PS2 port team), though, there are some changes in store. One unique gameplay feature is that now terrorists can take human shields, along the lines of what you will find in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. This poses all kinds of new possibilities for mission scenarios and will make the idea of taking cover and aiming perfectly even more important.


If you do take Rainbow Six 3 online, however, you will have quite a few options at your disposal, much like the Xbox version. The game will allow at least eight players to play simulatanteously online, and possibly more if the developers are able to work some magic on the PS2 hardware.




Screenshot page:


Rainbow Six 3 Sceens

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