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The Touryst [Switch/XBox/PS5/PC]


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Thanks to Game Pass, I finally got around to playing The Touryst. I started it yesterday, and since it was a slow work day and the kids were  off with their grandparents for the night, I managed to get through the vast majority of it by the time I went to bed — 97% complete, in fact. I rolled credits on it this morning with my save file at 100%. The only thing left is to do is complete one more Achievement (land a 540 in the surfing mini-game), and I will have full-on completed it.


This is a very good game, and I enjoyed it very much. Quests usually involve some light puzzle solving and exploration that can be done at your leisure. If something has you stumped, you can always go to another island and poke around for a bit before resuming your quest.


The eight islands you explore are not very large, so getting around them is relatively quick, easy, and painless, especially once you obtain the dash ability. The game is filled with a variety of challenges that range from taking pictures of people and places across the islands, to landing a drone on some targets, to beating a dude's high scores at the arcade. It's a good variety that keeps things fresh and interesting. 


My biggest criticism is the platforming, especially while inside the monuments (which are this game’s version of dungeons). When you are exploring the exterior of an island, the platforming is relatively easy. You can tell where your character is in relation to other things because you can see his shadow on the ground. That’s not always the case in the monuments. Often, you’ll be jumping over bottomless voids and can’t see the shadow as a result. This makes what should be relatively simple jumps harder to pull off. As a result, I died more times than I should have. Thankfully, these sections are a small part of the game overall, so they did not detract from my overall enjoyment of it.



As you can imagine, if The Touryst runs well on Switch, it also runs great on Xbox One X, which is how I played it. It looks great, with sharp, clean visuals and a perfect 60fps. Loading is also fast, with islands taking only a second or two to load most of the time. I like how everything in this game just felt so snappy. While playing, I had very little downtime, which kept me engaged.


The Touryst doesn't overstay its welcome either. It's just the right length at around five to seven hours. I finished the game in about 7 hours 16 minutes, according to the in-game clock. My guess is most people can beat it in less time if they don't go for all the Achievements. As such, I would say that this is an excellent weekend game or palate cleanser if you need something short and sweet after completing a huge open-world title like Ghost of Tsushima.


Highly recommended.

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I started this up today after completing “The Medium” with the intention of trying it out for a bit. 3 hours later, I’m 70% done. It’s exceptionally good fun. I love the visuals and the laid back nature of the game. Some of the platforming can be a little frustrating thanks to the lack of visibility of your shadow in dark environments but otherwise, my impressions are generally showing the stupid grin I have on my face while playing it. It’ll likely finish it tonight or at worst tomorrow.

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Finished with 100% and 1000/1000 cheevos. Some of the later platforming stuff was frustrating. Landing on smallish blue orbs via an isometric camera with limited turn radius is not my idea of great design. Also, the octopus boss was just all kinds of layers of annoying thanks to the falling rocks but it wasn't enough to dampen the fun. I had a blast with it over most of my 5 hour play time. Great variety of mini-games including some arcade titles that were pretty enjoyable in their own right. I especially liked the F-Zero clone.:)


Overall, I would certainly recommend it. It has a wonderful visual style and sense of fun/humor. Now give me a damned physical release!

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This is leaving Game Pass soon so there's probably only a couple of weeks left to play it for those who have yet to check it out (as noted in posts above, it's not a long game at all so shouldn't be difficult to clear). I had previously only fired it up ever so briefly before being distracted by bigger games in my backlog, but on hearing the news it will be departing the service I fired it up again this evening and I think it's an absolute delight of a game, and visually it's a treat.


I'll definitely 100% this over the coming days as it's incredibly easy to dip in and out of at leisure. 



On 2/1/2021 at 7:49 AM, Romier S said:

Great variety of mini-games including some arcade titles that were pretty enjoyable in their own right. I especially liked the F-Zero clone.:)


I thought that was really cute too. It's basically a retro version of actual F-Zero Clone Fast RMX (which Shin'en also developed).

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Finished up the core story. Very cute and I'm glad that there's a hint of it continuing and going somewhere new in a future sequel. I hope they make it. My only complaint gameplay wise was that the camera angles could really throw off your depth perception, so some of the platforming proved a touch frustrating at times as a consequence. 


I didn't 100% the game despite many, MANY, attempts to do the surfing mini game and do the drumming without making an error. The arcade high scores kept getting the better of me too, so even completing the 'to do' list felt out of my reach.  

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