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Erica (PS4) - FMV games have come a long way...

Romier S

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This surprise launched a few days ago and is available right now for $9.99. 



So think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch but way more interactive. It’s an evolution of the FMV game genre (along with stuff like “Her Story”) and having completed it last night - I really enjoyed it! It’ll take you about two hours to finish and offers a number of branching storylines and endings (I’ve gotten two of them). It’s very well acted with quality production values, a really interesting murder mystery/supernatural story and well integrated interactivity. Yes, most of the interactivity is relegated to menial tasks when but considering the history of these games, I was really impressed with how integrated the actions were. It works with a companion app, too which really helps the “feel” of the gameplay though you can play with the Dual Shock as well.


At $10, at worst it’s a movie rental except you play it and there’s reasons to replay. Again, I came away really having enjoyed my time with it and recommend it if you have some extra scratch sitting around. We’re a long ways from the days of Night Trap/Sewer Shark.....

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