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The Return of Obra Din finally hitting consoles! (PS4, Switch, XB1)

Romier S

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Grabbed this for the Switch and man, this is what an indie game should be - unique, fascinating, and something you can’t get from a mainstream commercial title.


It’s one of the hardest adventure games I’ve played in a while - your goal is to figure out the identities and fates of sixty passengers aboard a boat that just returned to port after being missing with no souls alive.


It’s grim, stark, and wonderful. You have to use everything at your disposal to figure out who is who - where the ship was, what rooms they’ve been spotted in, accents, snippets of dialogue.


It feels like something you’d want a huge pad of notepaper for and I adore it, even if it makes my head hurt after an hour or so. I wish there was a way to keep better track of things in game and access previous scenes faster, but it’s a very small nitpick.

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So I've had this on PC for a while now, but hadn't gotten around to it until this past weekend.  I kind of wanted to try playing through it in one shot because of the amount of information I knew was in there.  Started yesterday afternoon and finished late last night. 


Wow this game is something.  It reminds me a little of the Fool's Errand, but much more straightforward.  It seems designed to make it so that you basically fill out the pages first, and then start to fill in the connections.  The way you discover the story, and even the order the story is revealed in is brilliant, and once you understand the mechanics, it's really easy to skip around the narrative to figure out what happened.  I think it's a testament to how well the book is designed to say that I was able to beat the game this without taking any external notes.  Some of the ways clues were hidden in the environment that made you feel like a genius for finding them were just...wow.


As for the art style, I get that he wanted to make a game using a specific style, and I can respect that (I used the Commodore filter).  It was a little tricky to discern details at times, but in some ways that was kind of the point I suppose?  Still, I kind of wonder what a fully vectorized version of the game would have looked like, still keeping the lo-fi aesthetic, but with crisper edges on everything. 


Is it wrong that I want to see another game like this?  It seems like the natural evolution of a Sherlock Holmes style game, but the time shifting hook is just way too unique.

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