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Wireless Mechanical Keyboards


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Anyone here have any experience with wireless mechanical keyboards? I’m looking at updating my Logitech K380 (BT, membrane, chicklet keys) and wanted to go with a mechanical keyboard and I want a TKL design that will work wireless or wired. I recently got to mess with a mechanical keyboard (been a long time) and LOVED the feel of typing on it + the backlighting was so good on it that I think it will be perfect for couch PC gaming at night. My current keyboard is good and has been reliable but, isn’t great to type on and I do get the occasional missed key press, dbl key press or delay. I still need to be able to use the keyboard wirelessly and with multiple devices but, it would be great to have backlighting and the option for wired gaming on a new keyboard. 

I’ve been looking at these 3 below but, I’m hoping one of you guys can offer impressions or more direct, first-hand experience:


Logitech G613 - Lightspeed wireless (fastest wireless but no option to use it wired), no multi-device support, full size (I prefer TKL), no choice on switches, simple backlighting, excellent battery life (best in class), good reviews but doesn’t cover all of my wishlist and kind of expensive (£92)



Anne Pro 2 - BT wireless, multi-device support, TKL, choice of switch types, RGB backlit, 20 hrs battery life with lighting (rechargeable), good reviews and seems like it’s a good fit for my requirements and it’s in the middle on price (£65)



Drevo Calibur - BT wireless, multi-device support, TKL, choice of switch types, RGB backlit, 10 hrs battery life with lighting (rechargeable), mediocre reviews (this worries me) but does seem like it would fit all of my requirements and is the least expensive (£45)


So - any experience with any of these? Any different models you would recommend? 

*Amazon links are for reference, I’d likely buy the Logitech from Amazon but would be the other 2 from another shop. 

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I got a Corsair K63 a month or two ago and love it.




It's pretty pricey, but I was able to get a "Renewed" one from Corsair on Amazon for about half the new price.  I went from an old SteelSeries and it feels very similar.  The only thing I really miss is the number pad.

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Well, FWIW I ordered 2 to compare: the Anne Pro 2 and the Drevo Calibur. I have ruled out the Logitech as I just don’t want a full size board and it’s too expensive and the Corsair (for now) since it’s also expensive but, the Corsair looks just about perfect so if the 2 I’m comparing don’t pan out, I think I’ll bite the bullet and pay for the Corsair. 

As far as the 2 I picked to compare, I ordered both with red switches - the Drevo is a knock-off switch but is supposed to be ok and similar to MX Red (apparently less stable though) and the AP2 has Kailh Box Red switches which seem better per reviews. Both are red, linear switches so they should be a good comparison for me but I suspect build quality may be very different between them. I preferred the design of the Drevo Calibur v2 over the regular Calibur but, the v2 is only available as a wired keyboard so I ordered the standard (wireless) Calibur. The Anne Pro 2 seems to have universally good reviews, is moddable, uses a 60% fully customizable layout and looks like it will fit my requirements perfectly but was a little more expensive at £65. I prefer the 60% design to the Calibur’s 75% but will try both and see what “click-clacks” better :) 

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So the Drevo Calibur came in the other day - I’ve used it a bit and it’s not bad but, there are some real problems with it so, the short version is that it’s getting returned.

(Longer version)The Drevo looks nice and is a pretty good form factor at 75%. You don’t lose much really except the number pad on the right and the F1-12 keys on the top row. The Drevo has a nice feel on the actual keys so the knock-off switches seem o.k.to me and the RGB lighting is very customizable on the keyboard itself; no software needed. You can set the backlight to anything you want and it has lots of adjustment levels so I think it’s really good in that respect. Unfortunately, the board does not feel very sturdy and has more flex to it than I expected. It doesn’t seem to want to sit flat for some reason. Whether on my lap board or desktop it feels like one of the feet are slightly off (not adjustable). It has also been very poor on Bluetooth - I would say it’s unusable wirelessly which sucks. It’s dropped connection on Bluetooth a few times already and the built-in battery won’t charge. I’ve tried the included cable and a few others and they all indicate that it’s charging but, as soon as it’s unplugged it immediately starts flashing the low power indicator- even when charged overnight. Even more worrying is that whether plugged in and used as a USB keyboard or wireless on BT key strokes sometimes stick. When typing, something like thiiiiiiiis happened a few times already and when playing a game like Gears for example I’d press the W key to move forward and stop at a cover position but in-game the character would keep moving forward against the cover for a few secs. Really disappointing especially because the physical key itself is not sticking.


Anyway, I’m returning the Drevo - I can’t charge it, can’t use it wirelessly, keystrokes are sticking/ghosting and the board feels “wobbly” and flexes too much for my taste. The AP2 should be in this weekend so I’ll try it out next - I’m hoping it’s better since the reviews for that one have been very positive and it’s in the middle pricing wise vs the Drevo and the Corsair. if the AP2 doesn’t work for me then I will just go ahead and pay the £ and get the Corsair. Despite the flaws of the Drevo - it has convinced me - even more so than my initial playing around on one - that I really want a mechanical keyboard :)

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Ok the Anne Pro 2 came in and I used it for an hour or so in Division 2 (wired) and another hour in Gears 5 (wireless). I wouldn’t say it’s been enough playtime yet to decide but, this keyboard is worlds better than the Drevo so far. Its great to type on, the switches (Kailh box reds) are noticeably better than the Drevo switches were, it’s nice and stable, the software features both on keyboard and via the desktop app are much better too. No ghosting or wireless issues so far and battery seems to be working normally but, I’ll see how it does over the next week. 

I still need to see how reliable Bluetooth is while working or gaming, how long the battery will last when in wireless mode and in practical use (backlighting off during the day but on at night), if there’s any key ghosting, etc but from the first few hours I’ve spent with it the AP2 is a significantly better keyboard. 

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A month later and the AP2 is going strong - loving this keeb :) It has a great feel on the keys, is full sized on the keys and basic layout but, at only 60% its still relatively small and I have adjusted to the 60% design now and love it. The BT connection has been very solid and battery life with a mix of work and gaming is about 3 days with lighting on and 2 weeks or so with it off. It switches instantly to wired mode when plugged in and the USB-C cable that came with it is a good length so I haven’t had to mess with that at all when I want to use it wired. Overall this is an excellent wireless mechanical keyboard. 

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