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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread — Launching November 12, 2020 | $499 Regular, $399 Digital

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Got the email confirmation from Amazon at least.   Physical. Digital Foundry had better not reveal it to be noisier than the digital model!   Interestingly they did not even upload the digit

If the total cost for both the PS5 and Series X is under $1,000 (excluding tax), I will likely buy both this year because, fuck it, I’m a grown up with a job, and I want them.

I got a pre-order in with Target.

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2 minutes ago, rustyjaw said:

I believe I got one from Target, at least the order went through...

I got the order confirmation from Target and the funds have been preauth’d on my bank account. I’m feeling pretty confident it’s fine. 
I’ll likely still do an Amazon one just in case if I can.

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1 minute ago, Dan B. said:

Kind of a shit show, Sony. Hopefully there is an adequate supply for the holidays. 

It is. This is needless, really. Just announce preorders when the show closed with a list of retailers and it would have been fine. The mixed messaging “oh it starts tomorrow” but now we have it up today is bullshit. Definite fail on Sony’s part.

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The disc version at target still shows a pre-order button but the digital one does not if anyone wants to try again. 


I don't mind paying the extra $100, but I really never use the drive on my PS4, almost at all. I'll keep trying the Digital only version. I had it in the cart 3-4 mins after Wario 64 posted the link and couldn't get through the process before it errored.

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1 minute ago, Eldorado said:

Disc. I’ve added and readded it to the cart and it won’t go through. Says not available. 

Ugh that sucks. Sorry man.


In not too surprising news. I expected a pretty lopsided split but it seems like it may be very lopsided. Sony is definitely eating cost on that $399 SKU.



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I was in a panic when I ordered. I forgot my Target account password so I had to reset it and then I had to move money over from my savings account. I thought for sure I’d get the “sorry too late, bro” message.


I don’t particularly mind getting it a little after launch, frankly. Just happy to have it.

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