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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread — Launching November 12, 2020 | $499 Regular, $399 Digital

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16 hours ago, Graeme said:

Jeff and Brad show off and discuss the PS5 UI. There are many things they like, but feel there is lots of room for improvement.

A few other things that came out of this that I thought was interesting.


If you have a game that is for both PS4 and PS5, you can choose which version you want to download to your console, which is good. I was a bit worried with games like Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky that if you wanted to play the PS5 version of those games, there might not be an easy way to also play the PS4 version for VR (which seems to be the case with Smart Delivery on XBX). This also seems to extend to other versions of the same game (as an example they showed an option to download the Destiny alpha). 

The game library, like the store, shows an icon/cover for the game, without text. So if you happen to have the same game twice (or both the PS4 and PS5 version) downloaded, it looks the same at first glance. This is something that probably won’t be an issue with too many people, but seems like an odd choice.

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It’s out for delivery. I have to work all day so my son came over to wait while I’m not there.    edit: and delivered!! Now just 6 more hours of work to go....☹️

My Christmas just got a little better...    

If the total cost for both the PS5 and Series X is under $1,000 (excluding tax), I will likely buy both this year because, fuck it, I’m a grown up with a job, and I want them.

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I definitely dislike how many button presses/windows there seem to be to get to the relevant information or feature you want. That was a fear I had when the UI was first revealed as I was concerned that it all looked a touch busy with a lot of navigation required. I hate that sort of thing as it tends to either lead to my going unaware that some features even exist, or quickly forgetting what info is where and how to access it (and consequently not bothering to do so again). 

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41 minutes ago, rustyjaw said:

So far Target is not looking too solid. My Demon Souls preorder won’t arrive until Nov 17, and inexplicably, the Dirt 5 pre-order changed to “back ordered”


The day-1 PS5 preorder status has not changed at all. 

But I’m not very perturbed. It’ll all get here when it gets here.

My target order says anywhere from the 13-18 but not the 12th.

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Digital Foundry hinted that Sony were patching several first party titles and would be doing a dedicated video on those at a later date. NX Gamer has now got his video up and.... Last Guardian is now 60fps?!!



That conflicts with other testers saying it is locked 30 (including the video I shared the other day).

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5 minutes ago, rustyjaw said:

I just went and grabbed a used copy of TLG off eBay after reading this. Never played it. 


It's one of my favourites of the generation. Warts n' all, I just adored it. I was happy enough to know it was now a locked 30 on PS5 as I was planing to replay it over Christmas, but this has doubled my excitement like the frame rate itself!


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