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WRC 8 - apparently it's very good.


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Well this came out of nowhere. I stopped paying attention to the WRC series after the PS2 titles which I really enjoyed a lot. But once I got my hands on Colin McCrae, I realized what I'd been missing out on. Sure, I'd glance at the reviews for each WRC installment since, but was never even tempted to buy one. 


Well, after a two-year hiatus from releasing versions, Kyloren, er Kylotonn have revamped the game with a physics engine that rivals Dirt Rally and, by some accounts, even surpasses it. The career mode seems very beefy, apparently borrowing a lot from CM's own F1 series. It has a dynamic weather system, so weather conditions can change as you progress through a stage. 


I watched a ton of videos about the game last night, and even died-in-the-wool Dirt fans are quite impressed with WRC 8. While watching, I took note of what look to be very well designed courses, which are very long and outnumber those available in the latter Dirt games. For example, I liked this guy's account because he clearly just loves rally games in general, and is an old-shcool Dirt fan:



I have to say, this game looks very impressive, I'm almost certainly going to buy it in the near future. It's really great to have two viable rally titles available.


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I actually don't follow any real-life motorsports, which is funny considering how much I love racing games. It's also funny because both my parents raced cars, in fact that's how they met. I must have acquired the gene for the love of driving fast, but a mutation that allows me to enjoy said driving from the comfort of my sofa.


I did play MotoGP quite a lot, back in the day, but in the end I prefer rally over all other racing genres because of the controlled chaos. Track racing is all about repetition, perfect braking and acceleration, staying on the fastest line. I like that stuff too, but rally is less about perfection and more about making a million decisions per second to stay alive. I find that quite addictive and exhilarating.

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On 10/23/2019 at 11:31 AM, rustyjaw said:

I've heard that the tarmac physics in particular are improved over Dirt Rally 2 ( which automatically makes them better than 1, since tarmac was by far the weakest part of DR 1). Do you agree? Happy there is now an alternative for a good rally game.

Sorry can't say - dont own Dirt Rally 2.

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Took advantage of the sale, and grabbed this for $20 on the PS Store. 

I’ve spent about 6 hours in-game so far. Too early to make in-depth comparisons to Dirt Rally, but first impressions are that it’s a very competent and pretty difficult rally game. 

One thing I noticed right off the bat was how well executed slides are. You can really sense the inertia when your car slides, and the rate of sideways deceleration, feels VERY good. 


Also clearly superior to DR is how damage affects the car’s handling. If you hit an object hard enough, at the right angle, it will throw off the alignment in a believable way. 

Graphically it’s not quite as pretty as DR 2. The lighting model is more simplistic, and the textures and lower res and tile more obviously. 

The jury is still out on FFB. The rumble part feels more simplistic. Although the game always vibrates when you lose grip, it seems like it’s always the same vibration no matter the surface or level of slippage. But it’s useful feedback in any event. 

Sadly, even on the PS4 Pro, the frame rate is locked to 30fps. Most of the time this isn’t a big issue, but on quick turns it’s apparent. And it’s downright distracting when you start to get a lot of camera shake, for example, when you hit a considerable rough patch, or go off course. 

Course design, one of DR’s best features, is really quite good in WRC 8. Lots of road surface undulations, some incredibly long stages. And there are way more locations and stages per location compared to DR

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