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GTA IV release date? For Europe?

The Daisy

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I love how IGN sees this as "confirmation" of the next GTA games name and release date:




It would not be so bad if it weren't worded in such a way as to make folks believe this is somehow concrete. I'll wait to hear from R* direct on this before I start putting in my preorders.


Thanks for the link nonetheless Glen, I dont mean to come off like an ass but that kind of article irks me.

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It's not shocking because Rockstar/Take Two have already announced there'll be a new "game in the GTA series" before the end of their 2004 financial year, which ends in late October 2004.


Note they didn't say GTA4.


Exact quote from the PR related to Take Two's last financial report:


Additional Rockstar products planned for fiscal 2004 include the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which will be released in the fourth fiscal quarter.
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Amzon UK have given customers the chance to pre-order Halo 2 for what feels like three years now, almost to the extent where it feels like they listed it for pre-order long before the XBox console even existed. :) It's nothing too surprising to me about Amazon jumping the gun a wee bit with the next GTA game, more frustrating is the Amazon custromer base with their reviews of the games that have not been finished and they have not yet played. :)



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IGN posted an update at the link above. I quote:


Update: Even the trusty IGN editors and Amazon can fall for a hoax, and that's precisely what this is. The Sin City title came from an April Fool's joke on another website. And to totally debunk the rumour, Rockstar confirmed that the Amazon listing was a load of twaddle.
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