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The Mandalorian Spoiler Thread


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On 11/24/2019 at 11:04 AM, Graeme said:

My wife is obsessed with baby Yoda. I may have made a mistake getting her into this show. 


My wife confessed to me that while we were watching the first episode, she was trying to figure out a way to tell me that she wasn't interested in watching any more episodes of "The Mandalorian" with me...until that last scene.  Now she's hooked.:lawl

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I used baby Yoda as a lure to get her to watch it with me (I had already watched the first 2 episodes, which I rewatched with her). 

Now I have to deal with:



”it’s SO CUTE!”

”Nothing better happen to baby Yoda. If something happens to baby Yoda, I will stop watching this show. Wait he’s just handing over baby Yoda? Is he going to go back for baby Yoda? He’s going to go back for baby Yoda right? Wait, he’s just leaving? What about baby Yoda? What’s happening with baby Yoda? Oh good, he’s going back for baby Yoda!”

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I enjoyed this series. Fun novelty that injects different tones into the Star Wars Universe, even if it doesn’t always do so successfully. Not sure how I feel about the force having anything to do with it. I guess it depends how it all progresses.


I’m keen to see the making of series as for all the shit Lucas got for green screen people don’t seem as critical of the extensive use of rear projection here. They’ve clearly used some very clever technology.

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