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The Mandalorian Spoiler Thread

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Timothy Olyphant is rumored to be ....



wearing Boba Fett's armor. In the Aftermath books Cobb Vanth wears a mysterious set of Mandalorian armor that was acquired from Jawas who scavenged the wreckage of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge while acting as the self-appointed sheriff of the Tatooine-based settlement Freetown.



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My wife was confused, I told her we could watch The Clone Wars and Rebels this weekend, she said OK, so that's what we're gonna do.


Here is the list of relevant Episodes I found.


The Clone Wars S2, episodes 12-14 
The Clone Wars S5, episodes 14-16 
The Clone Wars S7, episodes 9 and 10
Star Wars Rebels S3, episodes 15 and 16 
Star Wars Rebels S4, episode 1 and 2

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I really liked this episode. Good action, moved the story forward (although it is starting to feel like a video game plot with the “do this for me and then I’ll tell you where to go next”) and the action was good.

What I really liked though was the world building. I really liked seeing a world inhabited by the Mon Calamari and Quarren (I had to look that up) as a fishing outpost, with boats! It had a feeling of being different, but still the used, lived in Star Wars. I especially liked the crane that was using the AT-AT legs. It was a nod to something we’d recognize, but didn’t feel like a “Remeber AT-ATs!!!??!!” moment. 

While I liked the first episode, the fact that it just sent him back to Tatooine seemed strange. 

I just wish this episode had been a bit longer. 

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This weeks episode was fantastic. The IG tribute statue in the background , the experiments for what look like Death Troopers from the EU, and anytime we have speeder bikes is a plus.


I am starting a rewatch before next weeks big episode, and a few things that have not been revealed from episode 1.Who hired the mercs to protect the child? , and who hired IG to kill the child?. Mando was told alive , but if things happen dead for less money by the Empire. IG was hired to just kill it straight away.

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