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Silent Hill 4 pre and post release discussion.

Romier S

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Recently pics posted for Silent Hill 4. Article notes:


-Team Silent is going for a much darker storyline (is that even possible?). Main character now appears to be a male.


-This story will have no connection whatsoever to that of previous games and is more in line with Silent Hill 2 as an autonomous tale.


-All new graphics engine built with a new lighting system that is supposed to be even more impressive than that seen in Silent Hill 3.


-The game will take place in an all new setting (ie not in Silent Hill) however there will be reoccurring themes and possibly a return of certain characters in this game. (no doubt I think you'll eventually be making a return trip to Silent Hill ala the third game as well).


Freaking Konami. My bubbling over the third installment hasn't even subsided and now they go and spring this one on me! E3 will no doubt reveal more about the game (and have me falling off the edge of my seat in anticipation). Until then enjoy the screens.

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So, that said, has there been any word on SH3 coming to the 'Box? I'm holding out for the experience in 5.1!


Same will go for SH4.


You'll be waiting a long time unfortunately. Konami currently has no plans to bring Silent Hill 3 to the Xbox. Your better off just picking it up for the PS2 Derrick (especially since you can get a good deal on it lately. Some places have been selling it in the 19.99-24.99 range). Its one of the best looking titles on any platform and the sound is damn good on the PS2.


With that said I seriously doubt SH4 will be Xbox bound either but we'll have to wait and see.

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Session 9 is one of my favs


Yes excellent movie. Recommended to any Silent Hill fan out there.


I've gathered that the 5.1 sound on the Xbox version gives it an edge over the PS2. So, I think I'll end up getting that one. Thanks, guys!


Its also got a bit of an edge on the visuals side but its very slight. Mostly in the way of anti-aliasing and the lighting effects are more dramatic and smooth. Bit more info for you Jeffrey in case you hadn't made up your mind already. ;) Its my favorite version of the game (though the PC comes very close).

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By the way, I found some details on the storyline. The setup for the story sounds KILLER!


Protagonist is Henry Townsend who lives in a town near SH named Ashfield. One morning, he wakes up to find that he completely trapped in his room; the doors are locked, windows can't be opened, walls cant be broken down, he's stuck. On the fifth day in his room, he wakes up and finds a hole in the bathroom wall. He crawls into it and enters a world full of monsters and I'm assuming the typical SH universe.


"The theme of the story lies in solving the connection between the room where you live and the alternate world." said one of the producers. He also said "SH4 takes place in totally different settings, but there are some names which may seem familiar to you. People you would never expect."


I suppose Silent Hill: The Room is indeed where they are headed.

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Just saw on another forum that the official Silent Hill 4 website shows it being on Xbox:




Along with this teaser from IGN Xbox editor Kaiser on the IGN Boards:

"We got lots of goodies for you today and tomorrow. After our normal update today, check back around midnight Pacific time for another update. Then check back at 9:30 am Pacific for a huge Konami announcement. And THEN check back later Friday for an exclusive hands-on with one of the biggest games of the year." IGN Xbox Update - kaiser-ign
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Just noticed the same Dan. Excellent news for both PS2 and Xbox owners. Now where in the world is Silent Hill 3 on the Xbox? It seems silly to completely skip that installment of the series for no apparent reason. Or perhaps there is a method to Konami's madness? If Silent Hill 4 is indeed Xbox bound it seems that Konami is keeping the original storyline exclusive to the Playstation brand (By that I mean the first and third game). Silent Hill 2 appeared on the Xbox and it, much like The Room, is an original storyline in the Silent Hill universe.


Seems an odd choice given that Silent Hill 3 seemed to wrap up the story of Alessa and co. with a great measure of finality. Perhaps Silent Hill 5 will see the return of Heather to the town of Silent Hill? Or perhaps a character close to that storyline? Interesting to ponder..


I would say the chances of seeing the original storyline continue are slim. I personally prefer this series to go in a more bizarre and serialized direction. Something more akin to a sick and twisted Alfred Hithcock presents or The Twilight Zone. The Silent Hill universe remains one of the scariest ever committed to any format IMHO, be it cinematic films or games and I would love to see that world exploited much in the way the second game used the town of Silent Hill as backdrop to a very real human story. (the second game remains my favorite of the series).


Silent Hill is at its best when it develops a strong narrative that requires the gamer to think and interpret the events they are witnessing in thier own way. Something both the first and second game (especially the second) excelled at. Unfortunately the third game felt very linear and almost expository at times. Of course when your wrapping up something as convoluted as the storyline for the first Silent Hill its going seem somewhat pedestrian by comparison. Silent Hill 3 just felt very straight forward with little opportunity for dissection or interpretation. Something which I have come to expect from this series.


Now, please don't take that as an outright insult since I very much enjoyed the third game and it had some of the best atmosphere of the entire series thus far but it was lacking the much deeper meanings and cryptic symbolism that elevated the previous two games over games like Resident Evil and to an extent even Fatal Frame and its sequel. (though the original Fatal Frame remains the absolute most frightening game I've ever played!).


I'll shut up now. Once I get to talking about Silent Hill its hard for me to stop. ;)


EDIT: Also good to see some nice quality screens on that site. Great find Dan! Oh good lord I swear I'm getting that same tingly feeling in my stomach I had when Silent Hill 3 was close to release. Now to have to start the cycle over again. ARGGG!


EDIT2: Looks like you wont have to wait long for Silent Hill 4 Derrick ;) . Though I think its safe to say part three will not be seeing the light of day on the green machine. Now go immediately and buy the PS2 version. To hell with platform, the game needs playing asap.

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From the Konami site:

Expansive areas to explore, including a forest, prison, and hotel

A prison?!! I'm already getting freaked out. The prison had to be the scariest bit in SH2.


The Silent Hill universe remains one of the scariest ever committed to any format IMHO, be it cinematic films or games and I would love to see that world exploited much in the way the second game used the town of Silent Hill as backdrop to a very real human story. (the second game remains my favorite of the series).

Couldn't agree with you more. I'm hoping that's the way they go with this one. I think a major part of the appeal for me is how Silent Hill 2 really has a story like a good (non-Hollywood) movie rather than a B zombie flick, which is what you see in most survival horror.

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A prison?!! I'm already getting freaked out. The prison had to be the scariest bit in


That prison was so fucking depressing!!!!! And only a fellow Silent Hill fan can understand how I mean that in a "good" way. :)


When you stumble into Pyramid Heads room, with the massive blade....I was shittin' bricks hoping he wouldn't show up...*shudder*


Hey...is there a tentative release date for SH4?

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Even more info on Gamespot.com. Heres the article:




Some juicy excerpts:


We'll go out on a limb and say that the horribly deformed creatures that looked like torsos with two squealing baby heads, wheelchair-riding S&M-attired individuals, sluglike creatures, floating corpselike ghosts, and demonic doglike things will likely fall into the "hinder" category. In fact, outside of one or two reasonably normal-looking people who popped up in the footage, it doesn't look like Henry will be getting much assistance on his toilet portal-fueled adventures. The trailer was given an extra helping in the creepiness department thanks to an unnerving song, sung like a lullaby, that played toward the end of the trailer.


Your view will change, as your travel in the game, to fit your location. As a result, the game will use a first-person perspective when you're in Henry's apartment and will switch to third-person when you're exploring the environments you'll reach through the portals. While there wasn't much specific information discussed, Yamaoka said that some elements of gameplay were more in line with the original Silent Hill than with the more recent entries in the franchise. Puzzles in your exploration will once again be on hand for you to solve in order to progress. The game will feature a stronger emphasis on action than previous entries and will include real-time weapon and item selection. This change apparently came about as a result of the team's focus on pacing in Silent Hill 4.



Silent Hill 4: The Room is currently slated for a simultaneous launch in Fall 2004 on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. While the team is investigating ways to offer content unique to each platform, Yamaoka stated that their main goal was ensuring the simultaneous launch. Look for more on the game in the coming months.



Good god the wait is going to absolutely kill me. (and I want to hear that lullaby he spoke about!). The music in the series has always been a big part of its draw.

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Some screens from Gamespot that show off the new first person perspective view in the apartment:


Silent Hill 4


The kitchen and no way out


Maybe we need to find a way out ASAP!


I need to post this one. Its a CG render of the main character. Now if you played the third game you are well aware of Konami's proficiency with character models:




A female character render

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