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Gifting digital games and buying in advance


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Looking for some advice on gifting digital games. In the past, for Xmas or birthday gifts, I've just wrapped an empty case, and downloaded the game the night before. Seems to have worked well, and so far nobody has discovered anything early. This year though, my daughter has gotten really into the Sims 4, and wants some of the expansions. Challenge is that most of them are 50% off this weekend, which would be good to take advantage of. What I'm not sure of there is whether there's a way to buy a pack, and then not have it show up in origin until after Christmas.


Aside from the Sims-specific question though, would be interested to hear what else everyone might be doing with respect to gifting digital content with kids.

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Interesting one - I’m not sure how gifting works via Origin but, you can add a game to your library and then Right-Click and Hide it. Maybe that would work?


As far as digital gifting, we do a few every year between my daughters, my brother, friends kids, etc. I typically buy a code for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo or whatever it is and send them the code itself to redeem on their own. It’s worked well so far - no real issues including keys for Epic, Uplay or Origin. I usually grab the key at the cheapest reputable place I can like CDK/GMG and we’ve not had issues with the keys (and it has been years). If it’s a game in Steam then it’s even easier, I just buy it as a gift, select the Steam account, email address or whatever to gift it to and set the date for release.

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