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So You Want to Write a Screenplay


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I bet many people on this forum have either written, started to write, or considered writing a screenplay. Whose with me!?


So many interesting things to talk about. First let's talk about the podcast, ScriptNotes:



Wow. Not only is this my new favorite podcast. But I've been blowing through YEARS of back catalog episodes and ingesting the wisdom.  It is a treasure trove of knowledge and listening to this podcast is honestly like taking a course on screenwriting. I could talk for hours just about this podcast.


Or I could talk about software. I'm using WriterDuet. I have a lot to say about software.


I'm finally putting pen to paper and writing a Netflix-style series like Stranger Things -- In structure and length, not genre.


Soon I will have completed a draft of my pilot episode (30 minutes) and will post it here for feedback. Not that I expect anyone to spend precious time correcting my homework.  But maybe someone here might be curious or interested.


I have no Illusions about winning a Good WIll Hunting-like lottery with my screenplay. Fuck that, I've been practicing an Oscar speech in the shower. Obviously.


I'll probably post something in a few weeks.  But I wanted to throw a line out and see if any LCVGers are into the script writing scene. FADE TO BLACK

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