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Biohazard: RE3 - Resident Evil 3 Remake is coming...April 3rd 2020 (Officially announced!)

Romier S

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Jill looks pretty badass!


EDIT: As excited as I am to see some confirmation that a remake of RE3 is in the works, I'm kind of sad that this leaked. It would have been cool to have the official reveal at The Game Awards next week.


It will be interesting to see how Capcom approaches this version of the game. Do they follow the template of the original and make a more action-oriented game, or do they pull back a bit and emphasize the survival horror aspects of the series the same way REmake 2 did?


RE3 was good, but flawed. It tried to be and action game first but was stymied by its use of fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds. Given the fact that this new version will likely be fully rendered in 3D and utilize an over-the-shoulder perspective, it should play a lot better. As a result, I think it could be an even bigger improvement over the original than RE2 was.

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Given the turnaround (and the rumor that was this in production during the RE2 remake), my guess is that it will use the foundation of what Capcom accomplished with RE2 Remake. To your point, Jeff - the over the shoulder camera + more freedom of movement should allow for the action elements to blossom. Curious to see how they work the dodge in as it was pretty essential to high level play in RE3.


Also, there's apparently a trailer out there with some leaked images....



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Lost in all the other news today (gaming or otherwise)...


Resident Evil 3 remake demo coming March 19


Michael McWhertor, writing for Polygon:




Resident Evil fans will have something new to occupy their time later this week, thanks to a playable demo of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake. Capcom will release the ResidentEvil 3: Raccoon City Demo on March 19 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox One.


The demo will feature a playable Jill Valentine as she tries to rescue the civilians of Raccoon City with the help of fellow protagonist Carlos Oliveira, all while the relentless Nemesis hunts her down. The Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo will also feature a special scavenger hunt; 20 Mr. Charlie statuettes are hidden throughout the demo for players to find.



It’s hard to believe that this game is almost here already.

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I also played through both versions several times. I ended up finding 16 of the bobble heads by the time I was done.


I went with the X version for Resident Evil 2 but that may change here if the demo is indicative of final performance. The X version is certainly higher resolution with more refined anti-aliasing but I’m really shocked at how poorly it runs. It never feels totally smooth with lots of micro-stutter, frame drops, etc. You get used to it but it doesn’t feel great. The Pro version by comparison shows more aliasing and a lesser refined visual presentation but outside of a few skips during transitions feels way better and looks to run much smoother. 

I’ll wait to see if Capcom resolves these issue prior to release but right now the Pro version is my preferred way to play.

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Apparently the length is a common complaint and major portions of the game have been rejiggered and not in a good way. For instance...



Most of the clocktower has been cut and the sewer portion extended in its place. That’s a pretty shitty trade off and likely relates to limiting new asset creation.


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If the campaign is as short as they say — around 5-6 hours — I can see why Capcom would include Resident Evil: Resistance. Give people a good multi-player option to play in order to justify charging $60 for the complete package.


I’m still not entirely sure which version I want to get. My preference is for Xbox One as I like that controller better and it’s where I own I have all the other games in the series at the moment. However, seeing the PS4 version running at a nearly locked 60fps is pretty enticing, especially since I don’t have a 4K display for the resolution difference to matter.


Hopefully, Digital Foundry can produce a comparison video of the final build for each version before Friday. If they do, I can make my final decision.

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Performance is the same for the X in the final from what I’m reading which is pretty disappointing as I’d also like to get that version primarily because I bought the RE2 Remake there and would like the full 4K resolution but not at the expense to framerate. I’m Pro all the way here as 1620p ain’t nothing to sneeze at and it’s nearly locked at 60fps. With downsampling you’ll get nearly the same IQ so there’s almost no reason to go X here until they (if?) fix it.

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