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Xbox Series X/S — Next Gen Consoles Coming November 10, 2020 (X for $499, S for $299)

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1 minute ago, kelley said:

Really just goes to show you there is still a lot of single points of contention on these store designs.


Also, how do you justify investing the eng time to events that happen like once every 5-6 years? I suppose it'd be good design in the end, but once this is all over they'll look at average usage and chalk it up as a punt.

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I'm glad to hear many of you were able to get your preorders in at Amazon. I would have done the same if my order at the Microsoft Store hadn't gone through already. I ended up just paying for the whole thing up front.


The process went pretty well for me, but starting it didn't work at first. I had to click the Preorder Now button a few times before the page would finally load. Eventually, it did push me through. Once I started the process, it was a drawn-out affair of waiting several minutes for the next page to load. I'd fill out some information — first my shipping address, then my payment info, and finally confirming the order. Each time, I had to wait a couple minutes for it to load the next part, but it never crashed or told me my cart was empty.


Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when the preorder went through after having so many failures at the other retailers. Getting the confirmation email was the moment when I could finally relax.

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