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Xbox Series X/S — Next Gen Consoles Coming November 10, 2020 (X for $499, S for $299)

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In the house!

I was told to expect a mid-March delivery but Gamestop up and did this today, just 2 days after placing the order...  

Phew. After a week of scrutinising every stock tracking site I could find, I finally have an order in for a Series X; being delivered on Saturday. 

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So...I just bought a Series X thru the MS store. It’s not supposed to ship until next month so in the meantime I will see if I can get my hands on a PS5, if I can’t I will probably keep it. I get the feeling the Series X will be a little easier to find then the PS5 though. Either way, here’s hoping I have the same luck Wednesday night.


Also, if anyone is interested, It looks like All Access thru GameStop is available.

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UPS dropped mine off an hour ago!  Just in time for a conference call where all I could think about was getting everything setup.  I'm surprised how small it is, now that it's in-hand.  I have it kind of just plopped in front of my TV right now, and I probably won't try to fit it in my setup until the more unwieldy PS5 is here.

It still doesn't exactly seem real that this is happening, but here we go!

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Setup is all done. The setup process was not terribly smooth, I must say. Upon initial boot up, the thing sat there for nearly 3 minutes at the Xbox logo before starting setup and after all of the updates, it got to the home screen but I couldn't get logged in and got a myriad of store errors (wired connection, FYI). It then asked me to reboot to correct. I did so and was finally able to log in. I did a few downloads and after futzing about with the audio settings to get ARC working, I lost all sound entirely and it asked me to reboot again. Once I rebooted, I couldn't get logged in. Forced a full reboot and got signed back in and audio was back. I decided to forego ARC for now since I was having a bitch of time getting the audio to sync (it's BAAAD) and went ahead and hooked things back up through the receiver. I'm stuck at 1080p 120hz for now until a worthwhile HDMI 2.1 receiver releases but considering the low amount of 120hz titles out there,  I'm not going to crazy about it.


After all of that, things seem to be working properly. I have some stuff installing but I did get Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Mission installed  and can already tell the loading is much faster. The auto-HDR enabled as well and it looks quite nice.

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