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Mechwarrior 5


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Got this as an early Christmas present and I’m liking it so far. I’m not far into the campaign but, it is fun so far and looks really good and was (thankfully) patched to support HOTAS setups before I got it. It’s pretty old-school with lots of mech load out work, customization and min/maxing which I like in a mech game (very MW2 inspired) but, you can go with simplified load outs too if you want - still, I wouldn’t say it’s very newbie friendly. 

The primary complaint I have is that there is no VR - it’s a mech game, you play in the cockpit and Vox Machinae showed how brilliant this type of game works in VR but, no support currently 😕 Dissapointing but, there are mod tools releasing soon so maybe I’ll get my VR mode. 






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