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Films - Watched and thoughts 2020

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Do The Right Thing - it's been years since I last saw this, but wow it's still utterly on point, 30 years on. Wow. And the quotes at the end. Wow.    Run Lola Run - another "it's been years

Wonder Woman was a hot mess. I was actually cool with it for the first hour or so when the film draws you in with the smaller scale more humanistic stuff. I even dug the Superman ‘77 levels of camp in

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On 9/13/2020 at 9:32 PM, Dimness said:

Yesterday - It's good. Hey Dude got a laugh out of me.


Back in the way, way early days of David Letterman, he did a bit where they faked isolating the sound of Linda McCartney singing live on stage with husband Paul. and she was singing "Hey Dude."  It was hilarious then, still hilarious now.  I have a sister in law that thinks Hey Dude is correct.




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Scream  - haven't watched this in forever, and wow, I'm not sure it's aged well. It felt desperately mean & mean spirited to its cast and frankly deeply cynical. It's not how I remembered it at all. It's definitely funny & ground breaking, it's easy to see why it had such an impact. But I don't feel any need to watch it again. 


From Dusk Til Dawn - haven't watched this in forever, and wow, I'm not sure it's aged well. But I don't give a fuck, because it's awesome. I remembered it took a while to change gear, but, man, it took a ton of guys to be so damn cool about the build-up. And Richey deserved everything he got. 



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On 9/10/2020 at 9:34 PM, Dimness said:

Tenet - Loud as fuck. I liked it, but this movie does not lay down the "rules" of the setting as well as the other Nolan films did.

Finally watched this, I agree that the “rules” were not laid out very well and while the concept is interesting, this one did not work nearly as well as other Nolan films IMO. 

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Spontaneous - dark teen comedy where kids just spontaneous explode. It wants to be Heathers but can't possibly compare. Carried by an interesting pair of lead character through some obvious "twist" moments, and saved by a final 20 minutes that are filled with pathos. Lead actress played the cypher daughter in Knives Out but is far better in this. I enjoyed this more than I should have from its components because of that last 20 minutes or so. 

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The Beastmaster (rewatch) - Still campy fun as ever. And Tanya Roberts was something else.


Robocop 3 (rewatch) - I don't think I've seen this in its entirety since when it first came out. It was awful then, and it's still awful now.


The Color & The Shape (German) - Cosmic horror is a fucking hard sell, and being asked to be terrified and scared HP Lovecraft tropes is like trying to terrify someone by explaining tax accounting. You'll just get someone bored.

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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom - The film (based on the play by August Wilson), is surprisingly a very Broadway style production brought to the screen. This is an actors movie and it’s focus is on conversational moments and interplay between its characters. You’re literally a fly on the wall taking in the everyday conversations these people have with one another. Be it the band members ribbing each other over their shoes or Ma Rainey herself making life hell for her manager because it’s the only way she can get the respect she deserves. It reminded me a bit of Birdman in that regard.


 It’s follows both the titular Ma Rainey (the ever amazing Viola Davis) as she comes to a recording studio to produce a new album and a member of her band named Leeve (Boseman) who has higher aspirations than being a back-up to Rainey. It touches on issues of race in the 20’s, inequities for black musicians at the time and the tragedies of violence that people of color had to live with and perpetuate amongst themselves. If I were to give any complaint here, it’s that Rainey/Davis is used as more of a vehicle for Leeve and the underlying message of the film. While Viola is herself a powerhouse in the role, Boseman shows why his death was such a tragedy as the man puts on a performance here that is pure, unmitigated /fire/ that should deservedly net him a great deal of post-humous awards. It’s very much worth your time and highly recommend giving it a viewing.

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Finally saw Tenant, and agree the rules were not really laid out well. I love crazy time travel stuff, but sometimes things made no sense with how stuff was set up earlier. . Also the mix sound was off.. Some parts were overly loud compared to others, and sometimes the dialog was too low.


The Midnight Sky on Netflix was really good.


WW84 was ok for most of the second half. The first hour was boring and dragged on, First film is miles better. Don’t see myself watching it again anytime soon. Someone stop letting Geoff Johns write these movies. 

If you have kids,  We Can Be Heroes is a fun film by Robert  Rodriguez, best super hero film with Pedro Pascal in it that was released on Christmas. 😀

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