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Splinter Cell Pandora's Tommorrow movie

Romier S

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Oh why must downloading game movies be such a chore? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for this thread and the alert of a new movie to download but these download sites require way too much effort on my part. I think I had to click on 4 or 5 links before the download started (in progress now).


How about a new forum on LCVG where we can give direct links we find for various movies and such? I guess there might be some legal issues there but as long as it's carefully moderated it might be a great resource. Perhaps LCVG has hosting plans for the future?

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Here's news about Pandora's tomorrow featuring AMBIENT AI


Sounds cool in theory.


In addition to adjusting the difficulty level to suit both casual and dedicated players, it will influence the scripting of the game's levels for better effect. Events might take place in slightly different parts of a level or at slightly different times for the best possible impact in relation to the player's position, or to offer a different experience on a second trip through the game.




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The movie was pretty cool. I do like some of his new moves and the game overall looks pretty good. I hope this time the game is better laid out in terms of your objectives and a map telling you where they are. I constantly found myself wandering around in the first game wondering where I should be headed and eventually would trip over a checkpoint. Also, I hope they do a better job with the GC and PS2 versions of the game. It was pretty obvious that the game was originally coded for the XBOX and then ported over to the other 2 consoles. The ports were not nearly as nice(although not bad) as the XBOX version, so hopefully they're able to take advantage of each console's power a little more with this one so that all the versions can look/sound/play top notch.

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