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Game price drops - do you wait for them?


Do you wait for a new game to fall in price so you can buy it?  

  1. 1. Do you wait for a new game to fall in price so you can buy it?

    • Yes - there are just too many games out there
    • No - If I want it, I'll buy it right away
    • Depends on the game
    • Depends on the price
    • Both game & price
    • I don't buy games

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I was just reading about both the CC Beyond Good & Evil blowout & the BB Splinter Cell deal.


Got me thinking about my latest poll.


Personally, it depends on the game & the price. I have sooo many games that I still need to play & beat - like Rainbow Six 3,SOCOM 2,The Sims,PDO, & Splinter Cell - to name a few.


But I just can't pass up what I think is an excellent buy on a game. There are so many games that are out now that it has to either be a Live title that many of us are playing - or an A+ list title that I've wanted for awhile.


Otherwise - I wait. Case in point - Star Trek: Shattered Universe is coming out next week, after many delays & a cancellation mixed in. I love the premise of the game, & have wanted it since I heard about it over 2 years ago. But - it got some very average reviews & it looks to be full price ($50). Even though I really want it - not until it hits $20 or less.


Just look at all the new games that have come out recently that have already been discounted. I believe there is a glut of games on the market & that the slashing trend will continue.


Having said that - now I need to go find me a copy of Beyond Good & Evil


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If it's a smoking hot title, I think $50 is a fair price, but it's got to be something I really want bad, so it depends on the game. One thing I HATE is an unfinished game, but lately that is getting to be the norm for me.


Otherwise, I'll wait and try to get it as a used title later.


And now that I have you guys to trade with, I think we will start to see some real cost-savings for all traders. A kind of video-game-buying consortium is what I really hope this site becomes.


And by consortium, I mean definition 1, NOT 3. :lol:



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If I've been looking forward to a hot title I'll buy right away, but I'll try and wait if I can convince myself. Generally single player games are easier to put off till a price drop. Muti-player, especially with the advent of Live, generally force me to puchase earlier. As of late, with so many deals cropping up and already having a backlog of titles, I have been making an effort to restrain my game purchasing.

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Normally if I really want a game I'll pick it up right away, however this November/December there were so many that I waited on a couple...and in the case of Beyond Good & Evil, it paid off! 60% price reduction after 30 days...maybe I will wait to buy more in the future.


In the case of an online game, I would not wait & miss out on the online fun.

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I used to buy what I wanted right away but there are so many good games coming out these days that I definitely prioritize and try to figure out which games I can't wait for and which ones will have to wait. I passed over Beyond Good and Evil when it came out but it's definitely one I'm going to get at $19.99.

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Depends on the game :D


Some are day ONE definitely, others can wait... some I WISH I had waited but didn't and well its too late now. And sometimes waiting pays off, as with Mark of Kri, Beyond Good and Evil and Chaos Legion. Super hot titles get my blood burning so I'm sure I'll be pounding down the door of Gamestop or EB for Everquest: Champions of Norrath on release day. Probably ditto with FF: Crystal Chronicles. But others can wait. Like many, I have so many games now that its kind of silly to buy more at full price unless its something I foresee playing with others. I'm not into LIVE so... that's not even a consideration thus far.

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I do have broadband but just have not really looked into the online aspects of console gaming thus far. I'm not even sure what titles I have that are Live capable although I'm sure there are plenty in my collection (Project Gotham 2 now that I'm thinking about it). :D I did the online thing back during the Dreamcast days with Chu Chu Rocket and PSO and on PC with Ultima Online briefly but *shrugs* so many single player games and not enough time right now. I would be interested in Everquest: CoN online but that's PS2.

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If you ever decide to give XBL a try, there are plenty here that play :)


Another thing to think about is using one of the 2 month trial offers. Not only can you try online gaming for 2 months, but if there are any games that you own that have downloadable content, you'll be able to take advantage of the new levels, patches, etc.

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