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"The Last of Us" series is in the works at HBO - Neil Druckmann producing/writing with Chernobyl creator...

Romier S

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Pretty exciting news...






Craig Mazin, the creator of the acclaimed limited series Chernobyl, is reteaming with HBO to adapt The Last of Us, the massive Sony PlayStation video game franchise.

In a rare development in the world of video game adaptations, the writer and creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann, is also involved and will work with Mazin to pen and executive produce what is intended to be a series.

Carolyn Strauss will also executive produce along with Evan Wells, the president of Naughty Dog, the Santa Monica-based developer of the game. The project is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television in association with PlayStation Productions. It will be the first television series from PlayStation Productions.


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This would be absolutely god tier casting and a bold statement that they are not looking to just recreate the games story on the television screen. Ali is a superb actor and I’m not looking for recreation so much as reinterpretation which is what Druckmann has said they are going for.

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Druckmann says the movie version fell apart because certain studio folks wanted to pump up the action elements and make it "bigger".....




The movie adaptation of The Last of Us fell apart because there was too much focus on big action set-pieces that did not suit the story, according to game director Neil Druckmann.

Talking to the Script Apart podcast, Druckmann said: “When I worked on the movie version, a lot of the thinking and notes were like ‘how do we make it bigger? How do we make the set pieces bigger?’”

Druckmann did not point fingers as to who in the studio system provided those notes, but he said that the approach was responsible for the film’s downfall. “It didn’t work for The Last of Us and I think that’s ultimately why the movie wasn’t made,” he said.


As a video game, The Last of Us has plenty of combat due to the way its gameplay structure works. But the story aspect of the game - what is essentially the base for any film or TV adaptation - is more subdued than a Hollywood blockbuster. Thankfully, Druckmann says that moving to a television series has helped capture the team’s original intentions for the game.

“Our approach for The Last of Us was ‘Let’s make it as an indie film’,” Druckmann revealed. “Let’s approach it as an indie film team, the way it’s shot, the way how small and intimate it feels. And with the show we get to lean into that even more because we don’t have to have as many action sequences as we do in the game.”


“In the game, there’s certain mechanics for pacing purposes,” Druckmann added. “You have to engage those mechanics every once in a while, you need enough combat to train those mechanics. And you can throw all that out [for the TV show], because now we’re in a different medium. Let’s play to the strengths of this medium.”

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Marlene is being played by.... Marlene! Merle Dandridge is reprising her role as the leader of the Fireflies.





Merle Dandridge, who voiced Marlene in both the original 2013 game and last year’s sequel, will reprise the role in the premium cable network’s scripted drama series.

The Last of Us revolves around the relationship between Joel (Pedro Pascal, The Mandalorian), a hardened survivor of the collapse of modern civilization 20 years ago, and 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey, Game of Thrones), whom he’s hired to smuggle out of an oppressive quarantine zone.

Dandridge’s Marlene is the head of the Fireflies, a resistance movement struggling for freedom against an oppressive military regime. She joins a cast that also includes Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Joel’s younger brother.


I would love to see Annie Wersching and W. Earl Brown reprise as Tess and Bill. W. Earl is part of the HBO family already so....

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More casting news.




Jeffrey Pierce voiced Tommy in the games. He will now star as Perry, a rebel in one of the quarantine zones.

Murray Bartlett will play Frank. For those of you who remember, Frank was Bill's partner (and its heavily implied they were lovers) and we never got to meet him in the game. He was already dead when we found him in-game.

Con O'Neil will play Bill.



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