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Rumor mill: Sony retooling and rebooting the Silent Hill series...

Romier S

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There's been a lot of whispers about new Silent Hill games being in the works. One a few weeks back about former Team Silent members returning to the series and Konami seriously wanting to revitalize the series after the success of the recent Resident Evil games. Well this one is really interesting in that Dusk Golem over at resetera (who is pretty well connected on horror titles) is tweeting about this pretty hard right now.




Our first source, who we’ve come to trust well, indicates that Keiichiro Toyama (director and writer of the original 1999 Silent Hill) and Akira Yamaoka (composer for the majority of the franchise) are also returning alongside Masahiro Ito. The trio will helm a “soft reboot” of the Silent Hill series, possibly just called Silent Hill. SIE Japan Studio, which possibly includes team members from “Project Siren,” the group behind Siren: Blood Curse for the PlayStation 3, will be behind its development in some capacity (either in full or in part). Our source states that this title has been in the works for about a year. Our second source — which has no connection to the first — was aware of Ito’s involvement in a new Silent Hill title and informed us of that information some time ago.


The second Silent Hill title referenced in previous rumors is still being worked out at the moment, but it’s looking as if it very well could be Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima’s famously canceled title. According to our first source, Sony is working to patch up the relationship between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game due to the amount of buzz and continued demand for it five years after its cancellation; our second source shared this same information with us in the past. We can now report on it with some confidence in its legitimacy.



That would be well...amazing. It lines up with some of the cryptic shit Kojima has been going on about lately, too but I think the Silent Hills revival is the more far fetched scenario. Either way, more info that Konami will obviously retain the IP and what not are floating out there. It's all rumor right now but there's been a lot of this going around for awhile and as they say, where there is smoke....


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Wondering if it has anything to do with this rumor from before:



The rumor was taken to be Microsoft and Sony both had some sort of exclusive, money hat, etc with Konami or Capcom (one had the other). If the rumor is related I guess that mean Microsoft might have something with Capcom. The person who started it still seems to be trusted. 

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A new Silent Hill game helmed by Keiichiro Toyama is more appealing to me than one made by Kojima. While P.T. was a breath of fresh air, I have no faith in Kojima to make a full game that is just as compelling. The Metal Gear series is comically bad (not in any intended comical way), and I consider Kojima to be closer to retard than to genius. And Death Stranding...oh boy. Still, I'll give it a chance and hope for the best should it come to be.


It'll be remarkable if the franchise continues in any fashion after Konami's actions. Glad to see the success of the Resident Evil remakes showed them that there's still an interest in survival horror.

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It was the Del Toro factor that made Silent Hills so compelling a prospect for me. Kojima’s technical brilliance with Del Toro’s story and design talents really could have delivered something special.


Whether Del Toro would even have time to be involved again were it to be resurrected I’m not sure (certainly right now he’s knee deep in his remake of Nightmare Alley). Quite possible the timing would work once he’s finished if indeed bringing back Hills is currently seen to be a longer term goal.

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So do I.


It was always strange that the PS blog would feature this little game from a studio that nobody had ever heard of. Either this is finally the Kojima Silent Hills game a lot of people have wanted, or Sony has allowed an unknown developer to pull off one of the most epic trolls ever.

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On 2/10/2021 at 9:21 PM, King of All Cosmos said:




On 2/10/2021 at 9:47 PM, Romier S said:

All excitement would be drained from me if that were the case and I liked the Medium! They just aren’t the right studio for this at all.


So.... Bloober and Konami have announced a "strategic partnetship"...


KONAMI, one of the world’s largest game publisher, and Bloober Team, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It will include jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how. 


– It is a historic day for me and the culmination of several years of our work. The fact that such a renowned company as KONAMI has decided to strategically cooperate with the Bloober Team means that we also joined the world leaders in gaming and became an equal partner for the leading players in this market.  – comments Piotr Babieno, president of the Bloober Team. 


As part of the agreement, the partners declared cooperation in the development of contents and the exchange of know-how.

– We have been providing unique entertainment content and ways to enjoy it through the use of information technology. In the digital entertainment industry, significant changes in the business environment are expected in the future. We look forward to combining Bloober Team’s and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high-quality contents. KONAMI – comments Hideki Hayakawa Representative Director, President Konami Digital Entertainment





Happy Hour Drinking GIF

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