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E3 X-box announcements so far Your thoughts?


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I have two words from the announcements so far.


Holy $$$hit :-)


Not only are they going to give the live service it self a major upgrade. But this new Sports network looks to be awesome. How easy will it now be for leagues. Sega better have something like it up its sleeves. I may try NFl fever, NHL whatever ya call it and so on this year



Doom III, Halo II, Conkur online, Perfect Dark, BC,True Fantasy, Fable, Steel Batallian online, 3 more ton clancy games, Crimson Skies and the list goes on and on. Damn there are way too many games i am looking forward to now.



There is still time at the show but a few things not mentioned so far



2)Mech Assault II



Hopefully something will be told


But so far everything looks awesome. The one funny thing would be if microsoft pulls a rabbit out of its hat and also decides to do a portable system since sony is doing one



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Doom III looks fantastic. I wasn't too excited until I saw the clips, whew. I'm loving the Live upgrades, too. I haven't played any Live sports games yet, mostly because I only play the EA games and have trouble with the other publishers' controls, but I certainly will now.


These upgrades combined with the pricing, not to mention the new do-hickey that will let me play mp3s on my home theater through the XBox is making me very happy, indeed. :P

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