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The Ascent - Xbox exclusive. 4K/60 on the Series X

Romier S

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OMG....I'm such a sucker for 3D Isometric action games/RPG's. Especially loot based ala Diablo. This tickles every fancy that I have and its set in a Cyberpunk-esque world?


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Please tell me its getting a physical release.

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Good interview here:




- Game Pass confirmed for both PC and Console.

- 4K/60 target for Series X, 1440p/60 for Series S, 4K/30 for One X and 900p/30 for Xbox One.

- 15-20 hrs to complete the main quest. Plenty of side stuff to do.


Much more at the link. Very much looking forward to this one!

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Some good, detailed, hands-on previews up too on various sites. 





This is the other side of The Ascent that piqued interest, too. The world is very cleverly interconnected, with one mission dungeon, if you could call it that, flowing into an enemy free hub, into another hub, into the next mission area. It's old school adventure game stuff, Zelda-like, which wasn't quite what I expected from a twin-stick shooter but works nicely, the option always there for you to nip back into town to upgrade something if you're finding the enemies a little tough.

I did, at times, find them a little tough. The first mission's basement goblins were a breeze which maybe lulled me into complacency, but human enemies are a different kind of problem, with medium-paced bullets, often coming from out-of-shot, making for a tricky opponent to your pretty sluggish dodge-roll. Again it's a game of kiting, drawing the melee chasers out from the shooters then darting back in, and the RPG nature of it means there's always a spot of doubt lingering about whether you've grinded enough gear for that area, or upgraded the right thing (there are a good half-dozen kind of resistances to think about which your armour, for instance, which suggests a nice amount of depth again but doesn't couple well with a demo that doesn't explain what kind of damage your enemies actually do).



Most impressive of all, though, is the world. At first glance it's all a little genre-typical, but the details set it apart. The end of that starter mission, for instance, features a great, rolling sphere fixed in place, designed as a kind of rudimentary industrial AI (called an SI in the game) that you needed to restore. Watching it boot up and whirr into action is hypnotising. As is looking into the distance, one of my favourite hobbies in early-generation games. Sneak a glimpse through a gap in some pipes, or off past the edge of a little bridge or walkway, and it's just all detail. Detail on detail, vast crowds, great chasms, roaring car chases in the sky as a couple of corporations duke it out over whatever. This stuff is all there because someone fancied making it - always true of games, such is the magic of them - but you can really feel it with The Ascent.


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