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Scarlet Nexus (Namco/Bandai) - Announced at Inside Xbox

Romier S

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On 5/21/2021 at 9:29 AM, dogbert said:

Anyone try it? 


I just played through the demo as Kasane, which took right at a half hour.  It's a gorgeous game in some ways, despite the lack of HDR and some excessive pop-in.  It'd be an exaggeration to say I felt like I was fighting the camera, but it didn't really feel like it was on my side either.  😛  It persistently wasn't quite right (and seemed to favor hanging a bit too low when I was moving).  Combat/movement is on the sluggish side (with some big, flashy quasi-QTE-style interruptions), although it admittedly took me a while to get more of a grasp on the SAS elements, and NieR: Replicant has R2-to-dodge seared in my brain when I ought to be pressing B, which may have skewed my perception.  (I forgot what I was supposed to do to 'borrow' special abilities from my teammates, and the 'Controls' submenu wasn't much help in reminding me.)  It's not as blazingly fast or fluid as a character action game traditionally is.  Maybe some of that would come in time once I've played enough for the controls to sing, and I'm sure later portions of the game would demand more than this introductory bit.  I can't say I was particularly invested in the characters, setting, or premise.   Based on this, at least, it's hard for me to feel compelled to open my wallet for the whole shootin' match.  I want to like it, but it's just not quite there for me.  But I'm open to the possibility if the reception to the full game is more positive.


There's some sort of bonus (unclear what it is) in the final game if you finish the demo.

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Any one else buying? I really ended up liking the demo for this once I got used to the gameplay. It's almost more character action that standard RPG and that appeals. I may grab it and dive in as my next game as I'm in the mood for something on the JRPG front.

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Target had a scheduled delivery of July 1st. I cancelled my order and got it from Amazon for the same price. Sunday delivery. I ended up going out to GameStop and had two coupons built up I hadn’t used. I ended up buying it there for $37 on the PS5 and cancelled by Amazon order.





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Coming to Game Pass it seems:



I bought it on PS5 and abandoned it after 12 hours or so. Great combat/gameplay and lovely visuals but the story didn’t click at all with me and was a little too anime as fuck for my tastes. The environments and general level design were also a big barren and uninteresting. Still, it may click with some and it’s another game on the service to try out.


I suppose I’ll wait on Tales Arise and see if it ends up there as well.:)

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