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Mafia and Mafia II Definitive Editions Announced (Mafia full on remake)

Romier S

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It looks like there will be a soon to be announced Mafia II Definitive Edition. It’s been rumored as coming to the PS4/XB1 and PC. It appears MS has the listing up early with a 5/19 release date.





"Includes main game and all DLC releases. Part two of the Mafia crime saga – 1940’s - 50’s Empire Bay, NY Remastered in stunning HD detail, live the life of a gangster during the Golden-era of organized crime. War hero Vito Scaletta becomes entangled with the mob in hopes of paying his father’s debts. Alongside his buddy Joe, Vito works to prove himself, climbing the family ladder with crimes of larger reward, status and consequence. Golden-era Drama: Inspired by iconic mafia dramas, be immersed in the allure and impossible escape of life as a wise guy in the Mafia. Empire Bay, NY: Post-World War II Empire Bay, NY, a city sprawling with opportunity and where organized crime thrives on the booming industries of post-war America. The Complete & Remastered Favorite: For the first-time ever experience the Mafia II crime drama all in one package and presented in stunning HD detail. Own Mafia II: Definitive Edition to unlock Vito’s Leather Jacket and Car in both Mafia and Mafia III Definitive Editions."


I loved the second game so I’m in. I’d love a remaster/remake of the original!


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I didn’t expect to really replay Mafia II so soon but I bought it on the X and here I am on chapter 6! I forgot how enjoyable the game is and how compelling the story/characters are.


DF also has a video up on the remaster. Get it on the X cause even the Pro version has issues.



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About 4 missions in. Quick thoughts:


1. It's a beautiful game, really. The upgrade over the original isn't even worthy of comparison in terms of visual fidelity. It runs at a smooth 30fps clip on the X with almost no performance issues that I can discern. As with the other Hangar 13 game (Mafia III), it has some problems. Lots of clipping, weird AI shit going on in the world, etc. It lends the game a feeling of lacking a bit of polish. Hopefully patches will get the game where it needs to be in that regard.

2. Not a huge fan of the liberties taken with the character models for Tommy, Paulie and some of the other crew. The original games models were crude so I understand it but its certainly jarring if you played through the original its mostly fresh in your memory. This is probably made worse by...

3. The voice acting. It's good but...different. Tommy in the original was very much an "every man" type and his voice wasn't particularly distinct. They've pretty much made him much more stereotypical Italian mobster here and it's taken me more time to take a shining to him. Same goes for Paulie who's even more shoehorned into his role than Joe Barbaro was in the sequel.

4. The updates to the gameplay are appreciated. The cars are still slow but don't feel as painfully slow to the point of sheer boredom. Doing the early taxi fair mission wasn't the sedative it used to be in the original game. 

5. It feels a whole lot like a combination of Mafia II and III in terms of character control but it maintains some of the "eccentricities" of the original. Such as using the B button to swing a bat, etc.

6. I'm playing the game on the "Classic" difficulty which is the hardest available. It seems fine so far but I'm interested to see how it works out when the big shoot outs start.


I've got much more to dig into but thus far its been interesting and a bit surreal to revisit the game.The voice acting and model changes are sort of "fitting in" for me more as I continue to play. I'll be interested to see how a second go around feels once I've completed the game and don't have expectations burdening me.:)

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The game has some serious difficulty spikes on “Classic” difficulty. If you want a frustration free experience, stick to normal. If you want a challenge, you’ll get one. The aforementioned race is a low point for me. I hated it in the original and hate it here just as much. The fact that you need to be pitch perfect on Classic just makes it that much more unlikeable. The chase with the armored police truck can also die in a pit of fire. That took near perfect aiming on the back of a moving truck and I must have restarted it 20 times before I finally finished it.

Also, every time you die the action slows down to a crawl and the game over music plays for a few seconds before you can actually click reload. That’s fine on standard difficulty settings but when you’re having to reload after 10 tries at something, it just started to piss me off. Especially when you tack on 20+ second load times on top of it. 

 Other than those issues and much like Mafia II, this was overall a joy to revisit. Hangar 13 remade the game without messing with the core experience much. That’s both it’s strength and witness. The story is just as enjoyable as the original with better writing and more fleshed out core characters. It just expands what was already there and it works really well. The voice work really settles in nicely as the game progresses. The minute to minute gameplay is very much still the predecessor to Mafia II along with all of its flaws, jankiness and beautiful but ultimately empty world. The new coat of paint is very much appreciated though and I’m very happy that it exists as I still consider it the best in the series. It has a wonderful and memorable score that I was pleased to hear again as it’s been a long time!


I may go into free mode and do some collectible hunting until I find my next game to tackle but if you’ve enjoyed this series in the past, there’s no reason at all not to dive right into this remake. 

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