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COD: Warzone -- Battle Royale done right!


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With COD:Warzone, Infinity Ward has come very close to perfecting the battle royale genre. Hate the cartoonish and juvenile game play of Fortnite? Or the hyper real, one-shot-you're-dead-and-in-the-lobby PUBG? This is the game for you.


Warzone introduces new features that make this game super fun, by removing all of the frustrations of its predecessors. 


1. Custom load outs - tired of having to fight with whatever weapons you can scrounge? With Warzone, set up your own, custom load out. Scavenge for cash, or take it off the dead bodies of your enemies, and you can buy an air drop containing your load out, and those of your teammates. Now you don't have to pray you'll find a good weapon, scope, or attachment.


2. The Gulag - once you're killed,  you are sent to the gulag, a one-on-one battle against another downed enemy. Win that, and you get dropped right back in the game, minus the weapons and cash you had before death.


3. Buy stations - with the cash you scrounge,  buy killstreaks for a tactical advantage, your custom load out, or even buy back your fallen teammates.  This dynamic rewards moving around to get cash and to get to the buy stations, and helps dissuade from camping. (Though there are still plenty of campers, but you can find them buy buying killstreak like a UAV, or using a heartbeat sensor in your load out. )


4. Fun - it's a hoot to play this game. My buddy Texaco and I, riding on the shoulders of my nephew,  actually got a WIN last night! And the two of us are garbage at the game. But by careful fire support,  reviving,  winning gulag AND being bought back in, we pulled out the dub and had an absolute blast doing it. 


5. Crossplay - all platforms are supported, and with generous aim-assist, console players actually stand a chance against the PC Master Race.  The gunplay is just like other COD games.


6. Free-to-play. It's just too much fun not to try at this price point. 


In summary,  Warzone is the BR game for casuals and serious players, well-balanced,  fun, action-packed, and ready for you to jump right in. 







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