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1500+ Indie Games for $5+ on Itch.io - Insane Charity Bundle


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Itch.io, which is kind of an indie free-for-all storefront that allows basically anyone on it, is hosting a massive charity 'pay what you want' bundle for  NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund. $5 minimum. 

They've raised 3 million dollars so far... 

Note - you're not getting Steam keys for these, you're getting DRM free direct downloads from the website + launcher (launcher's not needed). You're getting a real grab bag of games/projects/tabletop RPGs/"zines" - some of these normally have an audience of 1 (the author), some of these are massive indie games that you know + love. Right now, itch.io's just not set up for the size of this bundle, so they're rapidly developing website improvements to make it easier to navigate, so bear with them. 

The range + value is crazy if you're willing to experiement + go a little off the beaten path. But even if you stick to well known PC indie games, you're getting DRM downloads of the likes of: 

- Oxenfree
- Night in the Woods
- A Short Hike
- Overland
- Oneshot
- Super Hexagon
- Minit
- Bleed 1 and 2
- Glimmermitten Grove (Frog Fractions 2 is in this game and if you don't know what Frog Fractions is please google it)
- Quadrilateral Cowboy

- Celeste

- Beacon

- 2064 Read Only Memories

- Catlateral Damage

- Nuclear Throne

- Kids

- Savebrush

- The Stillness of the Wind


- A Normal Lost Phone

- Steam Marines 2

- Pico-8

- The Kings Bird. 

And they're still adding titles to the bundle. Right now, there's 1,427 "projects". A lot of them are shit. But the good stuff is good. Skip your Starbucks tomorrow, buy this.

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