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Spider-man: Miles Morales (PS4, PS5) (Holiday 2020)

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48 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:

Yeah I haven't put the console into rest mode once due to some of the scare stories, but Miles still crashed plenty of times. t's good that they have patched Spiderman Remastered but I haven't had any notification of a patch for Miles.

Crap, I forgot about this. I have put the ps5 in REST with Miles running every time.

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And that's a Platinum.   Interestingly that was the longest straight session I went without a crash.   My profile says that took me 19hrs of play (no idea if that includes the clo

Nothing quite as satisfying as being Spider-man again. I'm loving this. 

Ending spoilers for the first game....     I literally spat my drink out when I saw that. LMAO!

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On 11/21/2020 at 1:29 PM, Adam Tyner said:

Same here.  I tried Performance mode in New Game+, and -- to my eyes, anyway -- it just looked wrong, and I changed back after a couple of missions.  It's not an aversion to 60fps or anything (not for someone who plays this many platformers and character action games!), but it almost looked like someone was pressing fast-forward.  Maybe it was just a different experience during the cinematic-heavy early stretches of the game -- it did feel nice when I was just swinging around -- but it just wasn't for me.


I’m the exact opposite (see my humorous post earlier about having sexual relations with ray tracing). I can happily play a game that runs at a steady 30 fps just fine. However, if I see the same game running at 60 fps, as I did when I started playing Miles Morales, then switch to the 30 fps mode, it’s ruined for me.


To me, seeing a game run at 30 fps after seeing it run at 60 is like playing it on an N64, where the best games ran at 20 fps if you were lucky. Yeah, I can see that the quality of individual frames is better, but it doesn’t feel right when it moves. I need that extra fluidity for it to be as enjoyable as possible, especially in a game like this which is all about movement, speed, swinging through the air, and snappy combat.


At the very least, these new consoles appear to have the headroom to allow for both options, depending on your preference. That is a good thing.

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4 hours ago, foogledricks said:

Crap, I forgot about this. I have put the ps5 in REST with Miles running every time.

If you’re not having an issue, don’t sweat it.


Insomniac’s use or motion blur and temporal  sampling is so good that 30fps feels pretty amazing. Fidelity all the way for me and I’ll do performance on New Game +.

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11 minutes ago, PackFan said:

Do I have to fire up the game on the PS4 to do this?  My PS4 is not currently plugged in...


Yes. You need to update it to the latest version and there will be an option to upload the save using the R1 button. Then open up Remastered and there will be an equivalent option to download the save file.


You can install it on the PS5 to accomplish this and then delete the PS4 version out when done.

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I haven’t had any crash issues thankfully.


i’m playing Miles while my daughter is playing the original. I’m finding that I like some things better and some things less.


The circuit stuff, was kinda fun, and kind of a pain. Glad that’s gone. 

I find Peter to be better written, better acted, and just more charming than Miles. When playing as Miles I find the obnoxious banter to be either lacking or landing clumsily.


That being said, it is a mild difference. This game is great, Miles is charming and fun, and I too am glad to be Spider-Man again.

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