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Deathloop - Arkane Studios - Arriving on PS5 September 14th, 2021

Romier S

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I bought this as almost a blind buy. The initial trailers didn’t leave that much of an impression on me, so this wasn’t something I had really planned on playing. For some reason I thought this was some sort of online shooter. 

The last trailer I watched made me think this was somethingI could like. Combined with the positive reviews, Arcane’s reputation (although I’ve never played any of their games), and the fact that it game out days after I completed Psychonauts 2, I decided to give it a shot. 

So far I am liking it quite a bit. The concept and looping mechanic is pretty cool and should lead to an interesting game and story. I did have a minute of worry where I thought to myself “did I inadvertently buy another Roguelikelite?” but despite there being a component of starting over, I don’t think that’s the case at all. 

I’ve really only scratched the surface of this so far, so I’m really curious to see where this goes and how it plays out. There seems to be quite a few puzzles where you have to visit certain areas at certain times of day, which is the kind of stuff I like, so I’m interested to see how much of that type of puzzle solving is required, or if it is just a “bonus”. 

My only issue is a) I suck at stealth (in all games) but try to do it, so I get a bit frustrated when I get caught and have to start shooting everyone and b) This is the type of game where I am always worried that I am playing “wrong” or have missed a major game mechanic. 

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